Crash Bandicoot: Warped Screenshots

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PlayStation version

The central room leads to (almost) all levels, reducing traveling time.
Game Loading Animation
You might want to hurry
Title Screen
Cortex's destroyed space station plummets to earth.
Crash and Company at Home
The Evil Uka Uka
Platforms like this are "gates" for sets of five levels.
Spheres like this transport Crash to and from levels.
Crash's sister, Coco, is used to play a few levels.
When entering levels, the boss characters will often speak to you.
Coco Riding a Jetski
Coco can perform a few tricks on the Jetski. This flip being one of them
Coco Wiped Out
C Boxes allow you to restart at the last C Box you destroy after you die.
Platforms bearing a "?" take crash to bonus levels.
Bonus Level
Crash hangs around on some levels.
Crash Executing a belly-Flop on Some Boxes
Coco fell off her tiger.
Scuba Crash
These transparent boxes become solid and contain gems if you destroy all the boxes in a given level.
Upon beating the set time in time trail mode, you get either a sapphire, gold or platinum relic, depending on how hard the time was to beat.
Upon beating a previously set time achievement in time trial mode, you get to enter your three letter name.
After collecting a purple crystal, indicating that you beat the level, this animation shows.
Coco leaves the playing area, allowing Crash to continue.
When Crash beats a level, he does a "happy dance."
Cortex as a Roman Emperor
"Tiny" the Tiger is the first boss of the game.
Crash's Normal Death Animation
Save Screen
Water-pipes - dangerous places to swimming
Angry triceratops
Sign of crash games - boxes, boxes, boxes...
Run, tiger, run!
Pressing Start Button can be paused, You can press Triangle Button to see obtained Gems, Relics, Powers, and Times for obtained Relic Best Time.
Title Screen (Japanese Version)