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Advertising Blurbs

Sony's website:
    On a small three island chain off the southeast coast of Australia, a maniacal scientist has set up his headquarters. Bent on world domination, Dr. Neo Cortex has determined that the only way he can accomplish his goal is to create an army faithful only to him.

    So, he decides to brainwash the local animals and has selected Crash to be their leader. With the help of Dr. Nitrus Brio, they create 2 machines - the Evolvo-Ray gives the animals superior knowledge and the Cortex Vortex is supposed to make them allegiant only to Dr. Cortex - but it doesn't work right.

    Instead of being devoted geniuses, the animals become raving lunatics.

    While each attempt has been a failure, his greatest failure is Crash Bandicoot because Crash realizes that what Cortex is doing is wrong. Cortex becomes so frustrated with the crazed bandicoot that he banishes Crash to another island.

    Now Crash must get back to Dr. Cortex's lab to rescue his girlfriend, Tawna who is scheduled to be Cortex's next experiment.

    Talkin' Crash

    "The best looking platform game I've ever seen..."
    DieHard GameFan

    "From the moment you see or play the game, you know that you want to be in Crash's world."
    PS Extreme

    "Crash Bandicoot offers hours of pure fun, with classic platform gameplay in a stunning 3D environment"
    Electronic Gaming Monthly

    Bandicoot Facts

  • Brought to you by the talented folks at Sony Computer Entertainment America, Universal Interactive Studios and Naughty Dog, Inc.

  • Delivering a truly revolutionary platform game experience exclusively for the PlayStation game console.

  • Over 300 MB of solid gameplay!

  • Huge levels plus hidden bonus levels.

  • ALL the classic features of a character-based action game combined with solid controls.

  • Enormous levels, unbelievable graphic detail, incredible music and sound FX and flooded with obstacles which means it's good looking with great sound and packed full of solid gameplay!

  • Travel in real time across all-new 3D worlds in over 30 levels of intriguing gameplay with thousands of frames of animation!

  • PLUS, hidden bonus levels, secret pathways and shortcuts, moving platforms and fiendish traps makes this the "must-have" game of the year!

  • Interact with hilarious, fully rendered 3D cartoon-animated characters.

  • Special FX created by film/movie professionals.

  • Experience the sensation of a fully animated cartoon world come to life!

    Contributed by jean-louis (36552) on Jul 17, 2015.

Back of Jewel Case - PlayStation (US):

    "The best action/platform game I've ever seen or played!" - DIE HARD GAMEFAN

    Enter the vivid 3D world of Crash Bandicoot, a marsupial on a mission! His brain's been scrambled, his girlfriend is held captive, and his arch nemesis has a big N on his forehead! And you thought you had it tough!
    • Over 30 beautiful levels with awesome sound fx and music plus the type of gameplay you've been craving!
    • Encounter Bonus Levels, fendish traps, hair-rising enemies, disappearing bridges-only mow in all 3-Dimensions!
    • Uncover hidden areas and secret bonus levels!
    • A fantasy, cartoon world comes to life EXCLUSIVELY for the PlayStation game console!

    Contributed by Zaibatsu (6081) on Jul 30, 2012.

Back of Jewel Case - Playstation (EU):
    Take a spin with the hyper-active island-hopper
    Crash Bandicoot! Cross flaming pits, sail the river
    and ride the wild piggy as you battle all manner of
    antipodean beasties and militant marsupials.

    Allez faire un tour dans les iles avec Crash
    Bandicoot, le bandicoot hyperactif! Traversez des
    gouffres enflammés, naviguez sur le fleuve et battez-vous, à
    cheval sur le petit cochon sauvage, contre toutes sortes de
    bestioles et de marsuapiaux militants des antipodes

    Auf ins gefecht mit dem hyperaktiven, von Insel zu
    Insel wüstenfuchs Beusteldachs Crash Bandicoot!
    Das Überqueren von Flammengräben, eine wilde Flußfahrt
    und ein Ritt auf einem wilden Schwein sin nur drei der
    Prüfungen im kampf gegen die wilden Tieren vom land
    "Down Under" und um das leben seiner Freundin Tawna.

    Vive una aventura súper emocionante con el
    hiperactivo y saltarín bandicut de las antípodas
    Crash Bandicoot. Cruza pozos Ilameantes, navega por ríos y
    doma un jabal'i, pero sobre todo, enfréntate con valentía a
    todo tipo de bestias y agresivos marsupiales de las islas

    Buttati in volata con il super attico e saltellante
    Crash Bandicoot! Attraversa delle fosse infuocate
    affronta il fiume, e cavalca il cinghiale mentre combatti
    animali strani e marsupiali militanti.

    Ga aan de zwaai met de hyperactieve eilandhopper
    Crash Bandicoot! Baan je een weg dwars door
    brandende gronden, zeil over rivieren en rijd op wilde
    zwijntjes terwjil je een kudde aan beestachtige tegenvoeters
    en militaante buideldieren bevecht.

    Contributed by Sonikku225 (248) on Oct 05, 2010.

Print advertisement - PC Player 12/1996:
    (Book covers)

    Schädlingsfreies Obst leicht gemacht

    Apfel im Schlafrock



    New York. Eine eigenartige Zerstörungswelle wütet in amerikanischen Obst- und Gemüsemärkten.
    Mit afrikanischen Masken vermummte Menschen fallen über Obststände her. Sie springen auf den Kisten herum, bis zu zerbersten. Sobald sie dabei Äpfel finden, kicken sie diese in die Luft. Das Phänomen wird die „Crash Bandicoot Welle“ genannt und soll ihre Ursprung in der Verbreitung des gleichnamigen Videospiels haben. „Heute rauben sie unsere Äpfel, morgen vielleicht unsere Kartoffeln!“, berichtet ein Augenzeuge und Obststandbesitzer: „Ich habe versucht, die herumfliegenden Äpfel zu fangen, vergeblich. Wenn ich sie jetzt kommen sehe, esse ich ganz schnell so viele von meine Äpfeln, wie ich kann. Damit kann ich wenigstens ein paar für mich behalten.“
    Sie haben es auch auf Ihre Äpfel abgesehen!
    Auch in Deutschland sind bereits mutmaßliche Crash Bandicoot Anhänger gesichtet worden. Der Verband der Schrebergärten fordert daher Polizeischutz für die Apfelbäume. Eine gewisse Schutzwirkung soll vom Anbeißen der Äpfel ausgehen. Es ist bisher allerdings kein Ende dieser Welle abzusehen. Das Schicksal des deutschen Apfels ist also ungewiß.

    (Newspaper captions)

    Die „Crash Bandicoot Welle“ rollt!

    Schlechte Zeiten für Obsthändler.


    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (230178) on Apr 13, 2010.

SCEE Australia website - PlayStation:
    Now established as a firm favourite, and one of PlayStation's first star characters Crash Bandicoot exploded onto the screens in this revolutionary multi-perspective 3D action-arcade platform game. Set across an island chain off the South East coast of Australia, the game takes the form of an odyssey as our eponymous hero searches for his kidnapped girlfriend. The atmospheric settings and characters draw on antipodean conditions and wildlife to bring the game to life. With matchless graphics and sound, and some superbly crafted gameplay, this game turned Crash Bandicoot into a massive super-star.

    The 3 beautifully rendered 3D environments give you total freedom of movement and allow you to interact with some hilarious cartoon characters complete with real personalities and digitised speech. The puzzles are fiendish, the nasties thoroughly nasty and the gameplay as addictive as heck. Avoid yawning chasms and dropping bridges with conveyor belts and trampolines. Wipe out enemies with a frenetic spin attack or a jump on the head. Crash literally brings a new dimension to platform gaming and sets new standards with matchless sound, graphics and gameplay.

    Brought to a PlayStation near you by Hollywood producers Universal Interactive Studios Inc, and now enjoying Platinum status, Crash quickly established himself as a PlayStation classic.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66737) on Jul 06, 2004.

Magazine Ad - EGM #87, October 1996:

    My trip to Seattle

    By Crash Bandicoot

    (Picture captions)
    • 1. Here's me driving.
    • 2. Here's me at the space needle.
    • 3. Here's me with some of the gals at Seattle Slim's.
    • 4. Here's me showing off my game's real-time 3-D world with its lush, organic environments, tons of obstacles, secret pathways and bonus levels outside of Nintendo Headquarters.
    • 5. Here's me being escorted off the premises by security.

    My game

    Crash Bandicoot

    Sony's long-awaited entry into the platform game arena. You've never experienced anything quite as sensational as this fully animated cartoon world coming to life. It's flooded with obstacles, enormous levels, unbelievable graphics, detailed real-time lighting, amazing music and sound effects. Packed full of solid gameplay, hidden bonus levels, secret pathways and fiendish traps, this is the "must-have" game of the year. Travel in real time across 3D worlds in over 30 levels of intriguing gameplay with thousands of frames of animation! Interact with hilarious, fully rendered 3D cartoon-animated characters. It's packed with all the classic features of a character-based action game combined with solid controls.

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4672) on Mar 28, 2004.