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    Faced with an evil force threatening their island home, Crash Bandicoot and Dr. Neo Cortex are forced to work together in the funniest Crash adventure ever! Control the squabbling duo through innovative team moves as they whack, smack, spin, throw, and ride their way through a fully 3-D free-roaming environment in Crash™ Twinsanity™.

    Contributed by havoc of smeg (22269) on Sep 09, 2010.

Back of Case - PlayStation 2 / Xbox (UK, US, Australia):

    They're working together,

    but they don't have to like it!

    Faced with an evil force which is threatening their island home, Crash Bandicoot and Dr. Neo Cortex are forced to work together in the funniest Crash adventure ever! Control the squabbling duo through innovative team moves as they whack, smack, spin throw, and ride their way through a fully 3-D free roaming environment. Can the two save their world before destroying each other, or will their power struggle bring an end to mankind and bandicoot-kind alike?

    Three playable characters including Nina Cortex, the bionic Goth girl.

    Incredibly powerful bosses will challenge our dysfunctional heroes.

    Check out the wicked moves in this game.

    Contributed by Ben K (23920) on Mar 19, 2006.

Press Release:

    Crash Bandicoot
    ® is back and teaming up with nemesis Dr. Cortex in the marsupial’s funniest adventure ever!

    LOS ANGELES - September 28, 2004 – Vivendi Universal Games (VU Games) announced today that Crash Twinsanity’, the next installment in the best-selling video game franchise, has shipped to retail stores nationwide. The irrepressible Crash Bandicoot® has returned in his funniest adventure yet for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system and the Xbox® video game system from Microsoft. Developed by Traveller’s Tales, the new action platformer reveals a hilarious storyline that showcases the creative input of award-winning animation filmmaker Jordan Reichek of Perky Pickle Studios and introduces innovative features, including the ingenious pairing of Crash with his longtime nemesis Dr. Cortex in an unprecedented new dual gameplay mechanic.

    “By combining the classic humor and wacky situations that Crash is known for with a new twist of inventive gameplay, Crash Twinsanity delivers the most robust and funniest Crash platformer ever,” said Philip O’Neil, President of North America, Vivendi Universal Games. “The gameplay and story line in Crash Twinsanity truly raise the bar for this world renowned, character-based franchise.”

    In Crash Twinsanity, a new evil has invaded the island paradise of Crash Bandicoot with plans of destruction. In a strange twist, Crash begrudgingly pairs with his archenemy, Dr. Cortex, in order to save the world. Through this unorthodox partnership, Cortex is abused as Crash’s favorite weapon when Crash and Cortex are controlled as one. Additionally, this dynamic paired gameplay features never-before-seen mechanics which also include cooperative level designs in which Crash must protect Cortex and vice-versa, albeit reluctantly! They’re working together … but they don’t have to like it!

    Gamers can choose from a wacky cast of four playable characters – Crash, Cortex, Nina Cortex (Cortex’s niece) and the brand new pairing of Crash and Cortex. The game features completely immersive free-roaming environments which respond realistically as the player interacts with them, along with streaming worlds that can be played through without load times. Players will also encounter complex and highly reactive enemies that will detect and hunt Crash, run away when outgunned and interact with other foes to form alliances.

    The Crash Bandicoot franchise made its debut in 1996 and has sold more than 30 million copies worldwide*. Crash Twinsanity is currently available in North America on PlayStation 2 and Xbox for a suggested retail price of $49.99, with an ESRB “E” rating. For more information, customers can visit

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    About Traveller’s Tales
    With ten years of software development to their credit, Traveller’s Tales is a well-established developer with a string of successful titles, including Wrath of Cortex, Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story Racer, A Bug’s Life and Muppet Racemania. The company has worked with many top publishers such as Activision, Universal Studios Interactive, Disney, Sony-Psygnosis, Sega, Nintendo and Henson Interactive.

    About Vivendi Universal Games
    Headquartered in Los Angeles, VU Games is a leading global developer, publisher and distributor of multi-platform interactive entertainment. Its development studios and publishing labels include Blizzard Entertainment, Sierra Entertainment, Fox Interactive and Massive Entertainment. VU Games’ library of over 700 titles features multi-million unit selling properties such as Warcraft®, StarCraft® and Diablo® from Blizzard Entertainment®; Crash Bandicoot®, Spyro The Dragon’, Ground Control®, Empire Earth®, Tribes® and Leisure Suit Larry’.

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    Contributed by Xoleras (66737) on Nov 22, 2005.

    When their island paradise home comes under threat, longtime arch enemies Crash and Dr. Cortex have no choice but to put aside their differences and join forces. Thanks to a nifty new game mechanic in Crash Twinsanity, you can control gaming's new 'odd couple' as a single character, exploring huge free roaming worlds and smacking up enemies in this hilarious action platformer from Traveller's Tales.


    The Evil Twins have invaded Crash's island homeland and are stealing all the indigenous Wumpa fruit, which act as a fuel source for their nasty technology. In order to defeat this formidable new adversary, Crash realises he must team up with an old enemy, forming an uneasy pact with Dr. Cortex.

    Crash, it has to be said, generally has the sweeter end of the deal - he's able to use and abuse Cortex as a weapon, swinging him around and whacking enemies with him. Sometimes however, the squabbling duo must work together in more even handed ways; co-operative level designs mean that Crash must occasionally defend Cortex and vice versa. There's a choice of four characters in total - when you're not controlling the Crash/Cortex combo, you can play as either character individually or as Nina Cortex, the not-so-good doctor's niece.

    As you whack, spin and ride your way around Crash Twinsanity's free roaming world, you'll encounter dozens of challenging adversaries who'll track you down, run away if they're outgunned, team up with others and gang up on you, so it'll take all of your skill and cunning to save Crash's home world.


  • Dual-gameplay mechanic - control Crash and Cortex as a single character

  • Streaming worlds - play through without load times

  • Creative input from Jordan Reichek of Perky Pickle Studios (Ren & Stimpy)

    Contributed by Xoleras (66737) on Jan 04, 2005.