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Crash Twinsanity Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Title Screen
Main Menu

Xbox version

Title screen
Coco has been stunned...
..and Cortex takes her place with a clever disguise!
Grab these gems to unlock bonuses.
Like previous games, crates yield Wumpa Fruit.
Aku Aku acts as invincibility.
Fire the cannon to lower the platforms.
You can light the bomb with a spin attack.
"Coco" teaches Crash how to get past enemies.
Smash those crates!
Slide attack these guys to get them to drop their shields.
Exploring a cave.
Belly flop on these worms and they'll burrow to the next hole.
Stomping on the plunger will activate far-off dynamite.
This skunk hates his job, so kick him into a stack of Nitro crates.
Why, Cortex was just luring Crash here for his birthday!
And here's some birthday presents.
Wow it's just like in Link to the Past!
As you hurt Cortex, he'll lob bombs and break the floor.
Get up those steps, quick!
Cortex's latest creation, a mechanical bandicoot
Again, spin back the plasma blasts to hurt him.
Cortex has begun to fight with Crash, and you control them while they scuffle.
Watch out for Nitro crates hidden along these paths.
Don't stay on those cross platforms!
Hit these crystals in order to trigger a rockslide. It's video game logic.
Another hidden bonus gem
Cortex has swiped a power crystal for himself...
...and a digging machine has burrowed up to reclaim it!
Press the buttons to stop the enemies pouring out.