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Too short to become a hit. Windows Kola256 (211)
Still one heck of a fine game. Dreamcast TreyTable (4)
Funny at first, then just annoying. Windows Zovni (10638)
A Far Cry from the Arcade GameCube Game22 (42)
Classic fun, however lacks longevity. Dreamcast Tibes80 (1567)
Good on every console. PlayStation 2 Exodia85 (2164)
Addictive. Very, very addictive PlayStation 2 Kartanym (12759)
Laggy Taxi Windows Fake Spam (94)
Like the other guy said, this is very addictive Windows ThE oNe (184)

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Platform Votes Score
Android Awaiting 5 votes...
Arcade 6 4.1
Dreamcast 93 4.0
GameCube 27 3.3
iPad Awaiting 5 votes...
iPhone Awaiting 5 votes...
OnLive Awaiting 5 votes...
PlayStation 2 39 3.6
PlayStation 3 Awaiting 5 votes...
Windows 30 3.3
Xbox 360 9 3.3
Combined User Score 204 3.7

Critic Reviews

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Vous l’aurez compris à la lecture de ce test, l’adaptation de Crazy Taxi est une très belle réussite. Même après avoir passé des heures entières à brûler de la gomme dans ce jeu il y a plus de dix ans, on y revient avec beaucoup de plaisir sur un appareil qui se glisse dans la poche et que l’on peut emporter partout avec soit. Espérons que Sega ne s’arrête pas en si bon chemin et qu’elle adapte également les épisodes suivants sur iOS.
DreamcastGamePro (US) (Nov 24, 2000)
The game also seems fairly short. A couple of afternoons of serious concentration will get you past most of the mini-games, and after that it's all about best scores and highest point totals. But getting past all that and letting your cab rip through the streets is what Crazy Taxi is all about, and that part of the game is more fun than you've had on your Dreamcast yet. Crazy Taxi is a wild ride and you definitely should apply for your license, even if your cab run is shorter than expected.
DreamcastGame industry News (GiN) (2000)
Crazy Taxi is definitely the first "must have" Dreamcast title for the year 2000. Those who were impressed with it in the arcades will be even more impressed with this product. I don't see how this game get any less than our top GiN Gem rating of 5, It's just that great.
GameCubeThe Next Level (Feb 14, 2002)
As always, this is a must-own title for gamers with non-gaming friends. If you've played it before elsewhere, you know what to expect. If you never got around to buying it, get in the car already. Crazy Taxi is a classic.
DreamcastThe Next Level (Feb 08, 2000)
Overall in the audio department, the game is hardcore. Has some of the best sound effects I've yet to hear on the DC, and the voice samples are as numerous as they are humorous. I never thought I'd get called a "punk-ass" by someone in a videogame before. The music however, is a mixed bag. While the tracks by Bad English and Offspring do their job adequately, the constant loop they're on and the fact that there's only three or four songs can grow to be repetitive. This perhaps is the only gripe which I have with Crazy Taxi. Though the gameplay will also grow to a routine fashion, feeling almost redundant, you may ask yourself: "Why am I still playing this?" Well let me enlighten you-- it's because its fun; a sufficient reason to play any game.
DreamcastGame Vortex (2000)
If this is the future, then we are in for a treat. Sega always has made the best arcade games and now we get to experience these arcade games in our own homes. Did I just die and go to heaven?
PlayStation 2Game Vortex (2001)
Crazy Taxi is an excellent game and you should definitely rent it. If you like it, buy it. You won't be sorry as it is very challenging, and not a game that you will fully beat in one night. If any good came from Sega's announcement, it's that at least quality games like this will be around for years to come on the many other console systems out there.
DreamcastIGN (Jan 28, 2000)
As a game whose greatness is matched only by the gaming ecstasy known as Soul Calibur, this is a must-have title for any Dreamcast owner. For that matter, it is the type of game that would easily justify a system purchase for the stragglers. So do yourself a favor, hang the fuzzy dice in the mirror, and get behind the wheel with amazing arcade translation. You won't regret it.
iPhoneGamesCollection (Nov 07, 2012)
Se amate o avete amato questo capolavoro di racing arcade targato SEGA e possede un qualsiasi iQualcosa allora dovete asslutamente avere questo gioco! Anche solo 5 minuti mentre siete in metro o dopo pranzo renderanno la vostra giornata sicuramente migliore! Are you ready to make some crazy money?
iPadGamesCollection (Nov 07, 2012)
Se amate o avete amato questo capolavoro di racing arcade targato SEGA e possede un qualsiasi iQualcosa allora dovete asslutamente avere questo gioco! Anche solo 5 minuti mentre siete in metro o dopo pranzo renderanno la vostra giornata sicuramente migliore! Are you ready to make some crazy money?
PlayStation 2GameZone (Jun 21, 2001)
The feel of the arcade makes a successful transfer into an exciting and forever entertaining game that teaches everyone to respect those time honored heroes: the cabbies.
DreamcastGaming Target (Jun 13, 2000)
An overall excellent videogame, covering all the areas with supreme authority and domination on the competition through licensing franchises and using artist’s songs to make it all worth the purchase.
DreamcastPrivat Computer PC (2000)
Crazy Taxi er den perfekte arcade-konvertering, og en vidunderlig undskyldning for at anskaffe sig en Dreamcast. "Let's make some keerazy money!"
DreamcastVideo Games (Feb, 2000)
Vergesst alle anderen Fun-Racer – Crazy Taxi setzt die Messlatte, an der sich alle anderen künftig zu orientieren haben! Da mögen Crash Team Racing & Co. noch so routiniert inszeniert sein, letztlich war alles schon mal dagewesen. Vom Kreativ-Geist der Sega-AM-R&D-Studios, die hier mit einer komplett neuen Spielidee auftrumpfen, können sich die Standard-Racer-Hersteller gern mehrere Scheiben abschneiden. Die Symbiose aus unübertreffbar passendem Hardrock-Sound (der selbst Electro-Freaks wie mir hier gefällt!) mit der völlig euch überlassenen Open-Air-Taxi-Tour ohne Rücksicht auf Cops (gibt’s nicht) und Verkehrsregeln durch sonnige Kalifornien lässt Crazy Taxi zu einem der besten DC-Games überhaupt avancieren. (…) Lediglich ein paar mehr Musikstücke von der gleichen Qualität und das Ausmerzen der Pop-Ups hätte ich mir gewünscht – dann wäre das Spiel nahezu perfekt. Weiter so, Sega!
DreamcastGamer's Pulse (Mar 05, 2001)
There you have it folks, the good, the bad and the ugly. After two-and-a-half pages of detailed opinion, what it all comes down to is this; is Crazy Taxi, with its all little faults and lack of extras, still worth purchasing? Absolutely. Never mind that there's no multiplayer mode, never mind that there's barely any unlockables to speak of. This is one game that I can see people popping into their Dreamcasts years from now, whenever they feel like a fast adrenaline rush. As I said before, this is one of the most insanely fun experiences you can have, and the thrill of playing the game is rewarding enough itself. If nothing else, Crazy Taxi is proof positive that games don't have to be complicated in order to be enjoyable.So get Crazy, everybody. Trust me, it's for your own good.
DreamcastPower Unlimited (Jun, 2000)
Sega lost een oude belofte in een geeft ons eindelijk arcadegames op een console. Leve de Dreamcast!
DreamcastGaming Age (2000)
Crazy Taxi is definitely a must buy Dreamcast game. The original concept combined with great graphics and a killer soundtrack just make it one of the system's killer apps. If you aren't sure if Crazy Taxi is for you, give it a rent. But be warned, once you get into the game, you may not want to return it.
90 (Jul 24, 2018)
Other than its necessity to adhere to its arcade roots, the Dreamcast port of Crazy Taxi is one game that should unquestionably be in the library of every owner of the console. It’s immensely fun, incredibly well-made, and the kind of game Sega was unparalleled at making. The incredibly fluid gameplay, spectacular presentation, rockin’ soundtrack, the plethora of gameplay options, and the fact that it’s on the Dreamcast make this version perhaps the best one to own. Crazy Taxi is simply one of the Dreamcast’s defining titles.
DreamcastRevista Oficial Dreamcast (Mar, 2000)
Crazy Taxi es uno de esos títulos que realmente dejan clara la superioridad técnica de nuestra consola, y además podemos presumir de tenerlo en exclusiva.
Pero, por encima de todo, se trata de uno de los arcades más divertidos y adictivos que podéis encontrar. Pensadlo bien, porque no debería faltar en vuestra colección.
DreamcastAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Feb 22, 2000)
The graphics are simply incredible, and make the occasional slowdowns and pop-in glitches easy to overlook. While the music is disappointing in its brevity, Crazy Taxi compensates with extremely enjoyable and dangerously addictive gameplay that is both challenging and entertaining. Adding to the already strong appeal are the brilliant simplicity of the controls, and the way the action constantly drives you to beat your high scores. On top of being visually impressive, the urban environments are huge and expansive, with many different locations to memorize, and impressive building models. This variety also helps to increase the replayability. What all this means is that Crazy Taxi is simple to learn, and difficult to master, embodying the formula that underlies every classic arcade offering. While there are some issues, don’t let them dissuade you, because Crazy Taxi is a dazzling translation that belongs in any arcade fan’s collection.
DreamcastPlanet Dreamcast (Jan 31, 2000)
A must see. Crazy Taxi's fast-paced, go anywhere, do anything gameplay and unconventional concept make it one of the best games on the Dreamcast. Only the possible lack of replay value and minor graphical and audio glitches keep it from scoring higher. You'd have to be crazy to pass this one up.
DreamcastGame Critics (Feb 19, 2000)
Outside of the lack of extensive modes, Crazy Taxi is still an amazing game that I am still hopelessly addicted to even as I complete this review. It stands as a firm reminder that less sometimes really is more, which is something that many of todays games could benefit to learn. Though Crazy Taxi manages to learn from the past and incorporates those older theories, it still presents itself as a visual and aural benchmark for the next-generation Dreamcast system. Crazy Taxi stands as an amazing fusion between old school gameplay and cutting-edge technology.
DreamcastShin Force (Feb 10, 2000)
A must buy for anyone that likes fast-paced games, and loves a challenge. With a rockin' soundtrack, great gameplay, and sweet graphics, this is sure to be an instant classic for the DC.
90 (Feb 25, 2000)
Wahouuu ! quel panard de jouer à Crazy Taxi ! Les bornes d’arcade n’ont qu’à bien se tenir, ce titre est un hit en puissance avec une action trépidante et un intérêt omniprésent ; la Dreamcast se régale et le joueur se fait un festin, bravo !
DreamcastDigital Press - Classic Video Games (May 07, 2005)
Beyond these few graphical and sound issues, this game is really as close to perfect as you can get. Nothing can match the thrill of doing 100+ mph through a busy park tearing apart benches and hot dog stands. The inclusion of addictive mini-games and an extra track not included in the arcade game make it well worth a purchase. It's rare that an arcade translation is handled this well.
GameCubeGame Vortex (2001)
Crazy Taxi on the GC is just as good as the versions that have come before it. But no matter how great it looks and feels, I still cannot shake the 'been there, done that' feeling it gave me. If you have access to any of the other versions of the game, then obviously there is no reason to run out and pick up this version. However, for people who have yet to experience Crazy Taxi, here is your chance to see what the fuss is about.
PlayStation 2Game Critics (Feb 19, 2000)
Outside of the lack of extensive modes, Crazy Taxi is still an amazing game that I am still hopelessly addicted to even as I complete this review. It stands as a firm reminder that less sometimes really is more, which is something that many of todays games could benefit to learn. Though Crazy Taxi manages to learn from the past and incorporates those older theories, it still presents itself as a visual and aural benchmark for the next-generation Dreamcast system. Crazy Taxi stands as an amazing fusion between old school gameplay and cutting-edge technology.
GameCubeGame Critics (Feb 19, 2000)
Outside of the lack of extensive modes, Crazy Taxi is still an amazing game that I am still hopelessly addicted to even as I complete this review. It stands as a firm reminder that less sometimes really is more, which is something that many of todays games could benefit to learn. Though Crazy Taxi manages to learn from the past and incorporates those older theories, it still presents itself as a visual and aural benchmark for the next-generation Dreamcast system. Crazy Taxi stands as an amazing fusion between old school gameplay and cutting-edge technology.
GameCubeGameZone (Dec 14, 2001)
Between games of Star Wars: Rogue Leader, Super Smash Bros., Pikmin, Super Monkey Ball and Luigi's Mansion, most GameCube owners don't have the time to play a port of a nearly two-year-old Dreamcast game. But if you missed out on Crazy Taxi before, make the time to play it now. If you'd rather buy the cheaper Dreamcast version ($20) or the cheaper PlayStation 2 version ($30), then go right ahead and save the cash. Then you can put that extra twenty-buck towards the purchase of Extreme G3 or any other great game you have yet to pickup. It really doesn't matter what system you play Crazy Taxi on because all of the versions are excellent.
PlayStation 2GamePro (US) (May 01, 2001)
Already a crown jewel on the Dreamcast, Crazy Taxi is now available on the PlayStation 2, where owners will get an opportunity to take the wheel of one of the wildest rides ever created. CT not only delivers exciting racing, but the game?s various techniques and frenetic pace will also keep wannabe cabbies driving for days. Let's take a look at the box scores below for the rest of the story.
DreamcastCyberGames (Feb 10, 2000)
There's really no point to Crazy Taxi, but it's one hell of a lot of fun. A wonderfully crafted game, this is one of Dreamcast's best.
DreamcastMega Fun (Mar, 2000)
Ich möchte gleich zu Beginn meiner persönlichen Einschätzung eine Warnung an alle DC-Besitzer und solche, die es werden wollen. aussprechen: Vorsicht! Crazy Taxi macht süchtig! Bislang liebe ich nur selben einen Single-Player Fun-Racer gesehen, der dermaßen Spaß gemacht hat. Obwohl man diesem Titel sicher so einiges vorzuwerfen hätte: Warum gibt es keinen Karriere-Modus oder die Möglichkeit, ganz ohne Zeitdruck durch die Städte zu gondeln? Allerdings hab sich Sega im Vergleich zum Arcade-Vorbild viel einfallen lassen. Was macht nun den Kick dieses Fun-Racers aus? Man ist von der allerersten Sekunde an im Spiel gefangen. Die abwechslungsreiche Grafik und die Musikuntermalung, die wie die Faust aufs Auge passt, machen Crazy Taxi zu einem der besten Dreamcast-Titel überhaupt und das stellt für mich ein weiteres Kaufargument für Segas 128- Bitter da.
89 (Jul 31, 2000)
Wer Driver hat oder kennt, sollte sich schleunigst Crazy Taxi zulegen. Die Musik, die lustigen Sprachsamples der Gäste, die Grafik, die Steuerung, die etlichen Stunden Spielspaß und vieles mehr machen diesen Game zu einem Top-Titel. Wer sich dieses Game nicht holt, der verpasst ein Highlight dieses Jahres und ist selber schuld.
DreamcastArmchair Empire, The (Sep 01, 2000)
This is by far one of the most exciting games games available on the Dreamcast. It's easy to get into, it has a great aesthetic, and it provides instant entertainment.
DreamcastDefunct Games (May 15, 2004)
It's sad that you can literally have so much fun, and no matter how great it seems, it still doesn't seem like there is enough here. I have played Crazy Taxi for hours and hours and hours. And while it's one of the best games I have ever played ... it just doesn't have enough to stand on its own for long.
DreamcastCincinnati Enquirer (2000)
On top of the two tracks, Crazy Taxi comes with several mini games that provide a nice diversion from the city driving. These games include making long jumps, delivering five customers to their destinations in an allotted time and trying to take out 60 bowling pins as you drive through a zigzag of bowling alleys. The only bug on Crazy Taxi’s window is the lack of longevity. The game can grow tiresome after multiple plays. However, the amount of fun packed into its short life span makes it a worthwhile addition to your library of games.
DreamcastGameSpot (Jan 26, 2000)
Many have said that the success of Sega's Dreamcast is tied to the quality of the company's arcade games and, ultimately, the console's ability to render those arcade games as closely as possible. Crazy Taxi is one of those arcade ports, and the Dreamcast version of the game holds up very favorably when compared with its arcade counterpart.
PlayStation 2Gamezilla (Jun 26, 2001)
Overall, Crazy Taxi was one of the more enjoyable games I have had the pleasure of playing for some time. It’s jam-packed full of amazing graphics that aren’t just comical but also bring a unique flavor to the game's interactive performance. Also, without that spectacular theme music present during the game, there might be a loss to the feel of the gameplay. With all these elements, including the intensity of having to avoid the troubles of oncoming traffic and vulgar passengers, Crazy Taxi rockets above other PlayStation 2 titles. If you enjoy the thrill of high speed out of control mayhem, then Crazy Taxi is the game for you.
GameCubeConsoles Plus (Feb, 2002)
Graphiquement, tous les détails de la version Dreamcast sont présents ; rien de plus, rien de moins. Vous retrouvez également le Crazy Box dans lequel il faut accomplir un certain nombre d'objectifs dans un temps imparti ; le but étant d'apprendre à maîtriser parfaitement son véhicule. Par contre, la jouabilité est bien moins bonne que sur PS2. L'analogique à deux crans des manettes GC n'est apparemment pas optimisée pour ce genre de jeux.
PlayStation 2Consoles Plus (Jun, 2001)
Même si la réalisation générale déçoit un peu, tous les possesseurs de PS2 se doivent d'essayer ce petit trésor d'ingéniosité et de sensations extrêmes.
PlayStation (Jun 27, 2001)
Die Playstation-Variante überzeugt ebenso wie ihre Vorgänger durch rasantes Arcade-Feeling und einem hohen Spaßfaktor. Zwar ist der Umfang begrenzt und auch einige Extras, wie Upgrades oder eine Multiplayer-Variante, wären willkommen gewesen, aber auch so bleibt die Motivation lange erhalten. Für ein Spielchen zwischendurch ist Crazy Taxi ideal. Insbesondere für alle, die nicht die Dreamcast-Variante besitzen, ein Must-Have! Yeah!
PlayStation 2Gaming Target (Aug 27, 2001)
Crazy Taxi definitely is a welcome import from Sega, and I’m really looking forward to playing Crazy Taxi 2. This game really made me change my view towards car racing games. Crazy Taxi will always have a place in my books.
85 (Nov 25, 2002)
La duración de este título depende bastante de hasta donde quiera "estirarlo" el jugador, si ya se da por satisfecho por conseguir ver la secuencia final al conseguir más de 5000 $, se le hará corto, si por contra tiene en mente conseguir la "Crazy license" en ambas ciudades y acabarse todos los minijuegos le queda una ardua tarea por delante. En cualquier caso, Crazy Taxi, incluso después de ser exprimido a tope, suele ser un recurso habitual cuando se busca echarse unas partidillas rápidas cuando se tiene poco tiempo y ninguna nueva adquisición en la recámara.
GameCubeNintendoWorldReport (Mar 07, 2002)
I’m all for Acclaim porting other great games from the Dreamcast to Cube (I said “great” – so I don’t think this includes 18 Wheeler). It benefits Acclaim, it benefits Sega and best of all, it benefits GameCube owners! True, veteran crazy cabbies don’t have much reason to pick up the GameCube version but newcomers and hardcore fans will find a world of good times in Crazy Taxi.
GameCubeN-Zone (Jul 06, 2003)
Crazy Taxi sieht genauso aus wie die zwei Jahre alte Dreamcast-Original-Version. Nur, dass die Sprachausgabe neu eingespielt wurde und ein wenig alberner klingt. Das macht aber so gut wie gar nichts, denn Crazy Taxi ist genau das Richtige, um nach einem anstrengenden Arbeitstag ein bisschen Stress abzubauen. Übrigens: Mit dem GC-Joypad steuert es sich besser als mit dem Dreamcast-Original-Pad.
WindowsGameSpy (Dec 23, 2001)
Squarely placed in the oldies but goodies category, Crazy Taxi is a welcome addition to the still small GameCube library. It's unfortunate that Acclaim didn't endeavor to add more enhancements to the game, or instead opt to port over the sequel, but the gameplay in this translation is still rock-solid. While Electronic Art's blatant clone, Simpsons Road Rage, has much improved graphics, a two-player mode, and free ride option, Crazy Taxi still comes out ahead in pure controllability and gameplay.
DreamcastThe Video Game Critic (May 02, 2001)
Crazy Taxi's simple gameplay and wonderful graphics are a winning combination. My main complaint is the predetermined destinations, which will send you on the same routes over and over. A randomize option would have been nice.
DreamcastGame Revolution (Feb 01, 2000)
Crazy Taxi is a case where a great arcade game became a good home game. Though the game is a ton of fun, the serious lack of depth keeps it back from true greatness. Hey Sega, next time look into car upgrades, more cities, and some sort of two player. Then you'd have a classic on your hands.
PlayStation 2Game Informer Magazine (Jun, 2001)
There isn't too much more to touch on for the PS2 incarnation. Acclaim can either be praised for its accuracy in this port, or criticized for the lack of innovation. That all depends on whether you played your fill on Dreamcast or not. Crazy Taxi has been tops on my DC heap for a year, so I won't be playing much of the PS2 version. You PlayStation faithful, though, would do well to check out Crazy Taxi for some great racing thrills. It doesn't have a long list of modes or flashy graphics, but you won't have much more fun behind the wheel unless you're a swinger yourself.
PlayStation 2Power Unlimited (Jun, 2001)
Het is erg jammer dat Acclaim niet wat extra's aan deze PlayStation 2 versie heeft toegevoegd maar goed, het blijft natuurlijk wel een toppertje.
PlayStation (Jun 04, 2001)
Crazy Taxi is an interesting game in that it's tremendous fun while it lasts. Unfortunately for some people the game may be over all too soon, with all the game available at the beginning. Still, as an exact port of the Dreamcast game Acclaim Studios have done an admirable job. Dreamcast owners would be better off picking up their version but if you only have a Playstation 2 and like fast action, cool music and plenty of excitement then this game is probably for you.
WindowsPC Zone (Aug 10, 2002)
And there's no denying that this is indeed light entertainment, making few demands on your grey matter. But anyone willing to embrace Crazy Taxi's upbeat arcade aesthetic will find an incredibly gratifying game beneath, one founded on pure, distilled gameplay values and good old-fashioned insanity. It is three-years-old, and a console game at heart, but Crazy Taxi is also a brilliant game. And that's what matters, right?
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Aug 24, 2002)
„Her damit!“ Um die Testversion von Crazy Taxi in die Finger zu bekommen, musste ich bei Kollege Valtin laut werden - dabei kommt der Vorwärtseinparker immer mit der U-Bahn ins Büro. Aber eigentlich ist es auch kein Wunder: Crazy Taxi ist die Spiel gewordene gute Laune. Nur noch ein Versuch, nur noch ein Fahrgast. nur noch ... was macht denn der Krankenwagen da? Mist! Zeit abgelaufen. Okay. Nur noch ein Versuch, nur noch ...Wer sich nicht nach spätestens fünf Minuten dabei ertappt, wie er sich bei einer Vollbremsung unwillkürlich auf die Unterlippe beißt oder bei einem realen Drift den Kopf analog zum Fahrzeug in Schräglage stellt, sollte vielleicht besser beim guten, alten Drahtesel bleiben. Sauer stößt mir nur auf, dass die perfekte Musikuntermalung des Originals fehlt und Empire dem Ganzen durchaus noch eine dritte Stadt hätte spendieren können.
iPhoneThe Games Cabin (Oct 13, 2012)
For less than £5, it’s worth your time, even if just for the nostalgia. It’s a great little time waster that will keep you occupied and chasing the highscore for a long time to come.
WindowsJust Games Retro (Apr 10, 2009)
Anyhow, enough chit-chat. I have to go work, earn my livin’ and that all-important S license. So far, all I have is an A – Awesome, but not Special. So you’ll excuse me for cutting this conversation short, but i need to get in that Crazy Box and practice some drills. Yeah, it’s boring, and basic, and it can never hold a candle to the “real” deal. But hey – grunt work pays off later, right?
Xbox 360Hey Poor Player (Dec 08, 2010)
All said, Crazy Taxi is still pretty damned good. It’s not meant for the hardcore crowd, though you can certainly take it that direction with nine separate jump challenges and a super-hard to achieve S-Class driving score available, but mostly people who simply enjoy driving like maniacs end up playing the game and yelling with devil-may-care abandon through virtual streets as they do so.
PlayStation 3Hey Poor Player (Dec 08, 2010)
All said, Crazy Taxi is still pretty damned good. It’s not meant for the hardcore crowd, though you can certainly take it that direction with nine separate jump challenges and a super-hard to achieve S-Class driving score available, but mostly people who simply enjoy driving like maniacs end up playing the game and yelling with devil-may-care abandon through virtual streets as they do so.
80 (Sep 20, 2009)
Ich garantiere, die erste Session von Crazy Taxi übertrifft vom Spielspaß her, fast alle bisherigen Videospiele. So leicht und frisch und gleichzeitig wild und nervenaufreibend spielt sich wohl kein andrer Titel. Es ist schade, dass die Entwickler versäumt haben weitere Modi wie Karriere oder Mehrspieler mit auf die GD zu packen, denn so verliert man leider zu schnell die Lust (Daher auch die Wertung 8). Doch eigentlich ist Crazy Taxi wegen der superben Technik und intuitiven Steuerung jedes Mal wieder ein Erlebnis, wenn auch nicht mehr so intensiv wie am Amfang. Glückwunsch an Sega zu diesem Geniestreich!
DreamcastRetroage (Nov 08, 2009)
Crazy Taxi to niewątpliwie gra warta uwagi. Oferuje graczowi sporo prostej i bezpretensjonalnej rozrywki na wysokim poziomie, choć przyznaję, że w większych porcjach potrafi znużyć powtarzalnością. Idealny tytuł do wyluzowania się przy konsoli po ciężkim dniu. Kilka minut za kierownicą taksówki wprawi każdego w dobry nastrój.
Xbox 360Game Over Online (Nov 22, 2010)
Despite its flaws, for $10 (or $8 for PS+ members), this isn’t a bad deal since the core game is still a blast to play and replay thanks to its addictive nature. The loss in licensing doesn’t hurt as much as one might think, and despite over a decade passing since the game’s initial release, its gameplay has stood the test of time. However, it wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea even then, so newcomers will want to try out the 360’s trial version before buying. Series vets will want to download it as soon as possible.
DreamcastSuper Play (Sweden) (Mar, 2000)
Crazy Taxi bjuder på en skakig åktur genom ett soligt amerikanskt paradis med hav, palmer, sandstränder och en väldigt mångsidig befolkning. Det enda man kan klaga på är att man faktiskt märker att det är en arkadkonvertering, spelet räcker inte hur länge som helst. Men bonusbanorna är ett jättebra och motiverat inslag och som helhet känns Crazy Taxi verkligen nyskapande. Att spela det är en upplevelse som sitter kvar i fingrarna länge.
PlayStation 2Game Informer Magazine (Jun, 2001)
I have to admit that I felt like Benedict Arnold when I booted up Crazy Taxi, one of the games that I most identify with the Dreamcast, on the PlayStation 2. Times change, I guess, so we'll all have to get used to it. Once the guilt subsided, I found myself having a great time banging around San Francisco looking for fares all over again. Crazy Taxi holds up pretty well, but I wish more effort had gone into improving the game. This is a direct port, plain and simple – no new minigames, no new graphical enhancements, no new levels. Basically, it comes down to whether you like the Dual Shock or the Dreamcast controller better. I'll cast my vote with Sony's tight and responsive analog stick, although I do miss the DC's triggers for the gas and brake functions. If you haven't had the pleasure before, check out Crazy Taxi. This warmed-up DC leftover is still tastier than 90% of the PS2 racers out there.
DreamcastGamesFirst! (Mar 18, 2000)
Like Driver, Crazy Taxi takes the driving game genre somewhere it has never been before. It's truly a funny and light-hearted video game. While it is rated Teen, mainly for some mild language and reckless driving, I think that it's pretty clean fun and alright for the preteen set. It’s not vulgar, but Crazy Taxi is crazy. It delivers straight-up arcade fun. If you’re looking for something like Driver, with more plot, this is not the game for you. Arcade is the prime word here. It is not an RPG, you don't have to unlock any tracks, and one game can only last 10 minutes. So don't go buying it if you don't like arcade games. If you do like arcade games, now is the time to start counting those pennies -- get down to the mall, and get Crazy Taxi.
DreamcastDiehard GameFan (Feb 20, 2008)
Crazy Taxi was a system seller in its day, and it still should be. Dreamcasts and copies of this game can be picked up for very cheap if you know where to look. Ignore the weaker PS2 and Gcn ports and go straight for the nearly arcade perfect DC version. It’s one of those few games you’re guaranteed to have fun with no matter how into gaming you are or whatever your genre preferences may be.
This game, like most, has one or two issues in terms of appropriateness. One of these is the language issue, which basically is involved in almost every aspect of the sound department, excluding the music for the most part. Not only is this really offensive, it is also really unnecessary for the developers to be using that kind of language in a game. While Crazy Taxi does have quite a few problems with language, there is nothing that is really wrong with the game in this respect. Overall, Crazy Taxi is just a mediocre, old title with tons of bad language. Not a bad buy if you like driving games and can find this for cheap.
GameCubeNintendoWorldReport (Jan 15, 2002)
Crazy Taxi is, in my opinion, one of the best games ever. But honestly, this game has been out since 2000 and most people who want it already have it. Acclaim didn’t add anything new to this game, except their crappy new voice actors. This game is dated by every standard. If it had some additions it would be an excellent must have title. But as it stands, it’s just a very good game. There are those that don’t have the title yet and for them this game will be excellent. But for the rest of you, well you already have it or have had your fill of it.
GameCubeDeaf Gamers (2002)
Crazy Taxi is a fine addition to anyone's software collection. If you own the game on the Dreamcast or PS2 then there isn't anything here to justify a purchase but if you don't own the game and are a proud owner of a GameCube then here's your chance to pick up one of the best arcade games in recent times.
PlayStation 2Gaming Target (Jun 05, 2001)
There are many ways to look at the recommendation to buy this game. If you own the Dreamcast version, don’t bother; just get Crazy Taxi 2 instead. If you own a DC and a PS2, yet don’t own CT, buy the DC version, for it’s less expensive. However, if you only own a PlayStation 2, you’d be foolish to pass up on Crazy Taxi, for it’s one of the finest Sega games available thus far, and is an instant “must have” title. While you may get tired initially after constant playing, the unheralded replay will rear its head after a little while once you stick to it. Acclaim did a solid job translating the DC code to PS2, making the game as good as it was on that console. Plus you can be a part of history – owning the first Sega game released on a console that isn’t made by Sega. Which is pretty darn cool.
GameCubeGamePro (US) (Dec 20, 2001)
Still crazy after all these years, Sega’s neo-classic driving game hits the GameCube. The Nintendo GameCube version of Sega’s beloved cabbie contest is as straight a port as you can get right down to egregious product placement and a few graphical flaws. Those things, like everything else here, were in the Dreamcast and PS2 versions, along with the Crazy Box skill tests and both the arcade and original game modes.
79 (Jul 25, 2002)
Kurweilige Unterhaltung mit Coolness-Effekt. Was braucht man an hitzigen Sommertagen mehr? Crazy Taxi ist das optimale Spiel für zwischendurch. In der Mittagspause. Nach Feierabend. Vor dem Schlafen gehen. Eine Runde lohnt sich immer. Wer aber exzessiv zockt und echte Tiefe erwartet, wird enttäuscht. Hier kauft ihr nicht mehr und nicht weniger als einen Fun-Racer mit sehr begrenzter Lebensdauer. Wer damit leben kann, sollte sofort ins nächste Taxi steigen und sich zu seinem Lieblingshändler fahren lassen.
GameCube64 Power / big.N / N Games (Dec, 2001)
(US version)
Noch vor zwei Jahren hätte Crazy Taxi mühelos einen Award abgeräumt. Mittlerweile ist die Automaten-Vorlage schon ein paar Jahre älter, und auf dem Dreamcast gibt es bereits seit längerem einen Nachfolger. Die GameCube-Umsetzung entspricht exakt der Dreamcast-Vorlage, lediglich die Slowdowns wurden ausgemerzt. Trotzdem macht es immer noch einen Heidenspaß, denn Crazy Taxi ist ein Spiel, das man als ‘zeitlos“ bezeichnen kann und auch nach Monaten und Jahren immer wieder hervorkramt, um zu den Klängen von Offspring und Bad Religion eine Runde zu drehen. Wer also Crazy Taxi noch nie auf einem anderen System gespielt hat, kann zu der Wertung noch mal sechs oder sieben Prozentpunkte draufaddieren.
GameCube64 Power / big.N / N Games (Apr, 2002)
Ungerechte Welt: Während Xbox-Zocker sich über exzellente Nachfolger ihrer Sega-Lieblingsspiele freuen, werden Nintendo-Fans mit Recyclingware abgefertigt. Damit das hier niemand falsch versteht: Crazy Taxi war und ist ein klasse Spiel. Aber es ist halt schon drei Jahre alt und existiert bereits auf drei anderen Systemen (Automat, PS2, Dreamcast). Da kann man doch wohl für sein Geld etwas mehr erwarten als eine einfache 1:1-Umsetzung, oder? Sicher, es gibt auch eine Menge GameCube-Besitzer, die Crazy Taxi noch nicht kennen. Die können ruhigen Gewissens die Wertung um sechs oder sieben Prozentpunkte erhöhen und sich an einem der coolsten und originellsten Spiele der letzten Jahre erfreuen.
PlayStation 2GameSpot (May 08, 2001)
If you were reading the news reports a little over a year ago, you might have picked up a little tidbit about Acclaim publishing some of Sega's Dreamcast games on the PlayStation 2. At the time, both Sega and Acclaim clammed up and claimed it was all just a vicious rumor. Here in 2001, however, Sega's Crazy Taxi has been ported and released for the PlayStation 2, courtesy of Acclaim's Cheltenham studios. My, how times have changed.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Aug, 2002)
Das rockt: Wenn mich brettharte Gitarren durch die Straßen von San Francisco pumpen, wackeln die Redaktionswände! Auch spielerisch hat das Vorbild für die Taxi-Missionen von GTA 3 seit der Konsolenpremiere nichts von seinem Reiz verloren. Dumm nur, dass die PC-Taxis eins zu eins den Dreamcast-Prototypen von vor drei Jahren entsprechen. Autos und Städte sehen gerade im Vergleich zu GTA 3 einfach nur noch schäbig aus. Das im Endeffekt doch sehr simple Spielprinzip fesselt zudem selten länger als eine halbe Stunde am Stück ans Lenkrad. Als Rennspiel-Randale für zwischendurch sind die verrückten Taxis jedoch bestens geeignet
Xbox 360Gamers Daily News (Nov 24, 2010)
Yet none of these flaws destroy Crazy Taxi. The heart of the game is still there, driving like a maniac is fun, and its arcade-style score attack mechanics are still addicting today. $10 USD/800 Microsoft Points is a decent price for what you get, and if you absolutely must have the old music back then you can probably set up a custom soundtrack for that. New players should at least give Crazy Taxi’s a try, and if you’re a veteran player who doesn’t have convenient access to the older versions then this is still a decent port to pick up.
PlayStation 2Gamezone (Germany) (May 29, 2001)
Dem süchtig machenden Crazy Taxi können sich bestimmt nur wenige Spieler entziehen - Einmal angefangen fesselt euch die Thematik garantiert für einige Zeit vor die Konsole! Das völlig freie Rasen durch die bewegten Stadtteile und Brechen aller bekannten Verkehrsregeln macht einfach jede Menge Spass. Auch die gelegentlich auftauchenden Pop-Ups und Grafikfehler fallen dabei kaum störend auf. Ein Spiel, dass sich kein Arcade-Fan entgehen lassen sollte!
GameCubeGame Informer Magazine (Jan, 2002)
What more can I say about Crazy Taxi? No, really, I’ve played this game on four different systems, counting the arcade machine that was released three long years ago, and I’m running a little dry. This port is virtually identical to both the Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 versions, and I’m annoyed that some of the subtle graphical problems with the game, like the suspect collision detection, haven’t been fixed by now. Also, I wonder how many people there are out there that have not already had the chance to play Crazy Taxi. Make no mistake, this is just a plain and simple port; nothing worth noting has been added. If you’ve played Crazy Taxi before, I see no reason why you would need to spend your hard-earned cash just to do so on the GameCube.
PlayStation 2PSX Extreme (Jun 29, 2001)
Overall Acclaim's Cheltenham Studios did an great job in porting over one of the DC's best games. Crazy Taxi is an enjoyable game, but those who have the DC version do not need this game, they will be highly disappointed to learn that absolutely nothing new has been added to the "direct-port." Even though the visuals have suffered during transition, this is still the same game, be it a good or bad thing... you decide. Personally if I was someone who had never laid hands on the DC title, I would quickly rush and buy Crazy Taxi, but then again there are those who may purchase the game just to say they have a piece of videogame history.
PlayStation (Jun 15, 2001)
Certains pourront trouver la note trop élevée car le jeu est répétitif et la durée de vie très limitée. Mais le fun que dégage Crazy Taxi est unique et mérite largement le détour.
75 (May 14, 2002)
Certains pourront trouver la note trop élevée car le jeu est répétitif et la durée de vie très limitée. Mais le fun que dégage Crazy Taxi est unique et mérite largement le détour.
GameCubeGaming Target (Jan 21, 2002)
On the upside, everything that has made the previous incarnations of Crazy Taxi a blast to play is still in the game. Dodging into and out of traffic has a sense of urgency to it and the game's driving engine encourages you to use the exaggerated physics to your advantage and be a little bit reckless. The soundtrack still has a good kick to it, even though it is feeling a bit recycled (changing the jukebox would have been an almost effortless way to breathe new life into this game) and the visuals are bright and bold with some very charismatic character and cab designs.
74 (Jun 28, 2002)
Die rasanten Taxi-Fahrten durch die beiden Metropolen sind grafisch längst nicht mehr auf der Höhe der Zeit, machen aber trotzdem jede Menge Spaß. Für den großen Fun-Faktor zeichnet das unverwüstliche Spielprinzip verantwortlich, aber auch die geniale Musik-Untermalung sowie die tollen Sprüche der Charaktere tragen enorm zum Spielspaß bei. Neben der überholten Grafik ist noch das Fehlen eines Mehrspieler-Modus anzukreiden und dass es nur zwei, dafür aber recht große, Städte gibt. Für eine launige Spritztour zwischendurch ist das Crazy Taxi aber absolut empfehlenswert.
DreamcastRetroGame Man (Jan 07, 2018)
In summary, Crazy Taxi is an arcade racer with frantic and fun gameplay, good music, and a nice pick-up-and-play setup that doesn’t require a big time investment. While the game is fun in small doses, it can become redundant with longer play sessions because of limited cities and simple gameplay. There isn’t a ton of content in this game, but what is here is worth playing occasionally.
GameCubeRetroGame Man (Jan 07, 2018)
In summary, Crazy Taxi is an arcade racer with frantic and fun gameplay, good music, and a nice pick-up-and-play setup that doesn’t require a big time investment. While the game is fun in small doses, it can become redundant with longer play sessions because of limited cities and simple gameplay. There isn’t a ton of content in this game, but what is here is worth playing occasionally.
DreamcastThunderbolt Games (Aug 20, 2004)
Despite the Crazy Box mode and two somewhat similar cities to play in, Crazy Taxi wears out its welcome far too soon. Like that Wendy's commercial, I found myself thinking ìWhere's the beef? There isn't enough variation or things to do despite having a huge city to explore. The music, the destinations and even the gameplay eventually became repetitive. Since the game is cheap, I still think it's worth purchasing. Crazy Taxi is one of those games you play for maybe for 15 minutes a week. It truly is fun, lighthearted fare. It definitely isn't a bad game, but with less slowdown and more stuff to do it could have been the craziest game around.
Xbox 360Softpedia (Dec 20, 2010)
It’s nice to see that someone has taken the time to bring back titles from the cretaceous age of video games, especially from the racing genre that has suffered so many mutations in the past decade. Capturing the same addicting racing frenzy and time-rushed aggressive driving, Crazy Taxi is a nice breath of fresh air wrapped in an old package with an Xbox ribbon on top.
Xbox 360Gamereactor (Sweden) (Nov 22, 2010)
Däremot är det Dreamcast-versionen som får snurra längst under testkvällen. Vid en rak jämförelse är den här nya versionen sämre än originalet på alla punkter utom bildkvaliteten. Det säger en del om originalets briljans att jag ändå känner att det är värt en sjua, även om det är en svag sjua färgad av en hel del nostalgi. Hey hey hey, it's time to make some keeeerrazy money!
Xbox 360GamePro (US) (Nov 19, 2010)
While some of the game hasn't aged well and a few of the new additions are poorly implemented, the core gameplay of Crazy Taxi still works well enough to entertain old fans and new drivers. At the low price of $10, I have no qualms about recommending it. Bumps and all, it’s still a hell of a fun ride.
70 (Aug 13, 2002)
Le gameplay est d'ailleurs plus subtil qu'il n'y paraît, puisque même si la prise en main est instinctive, il faudra pas mal s'entraîner avant de maîtriser les nombreuses techniques de pilotage comme le Crazy Dash ou le Crazy Drift. La gestion des collisions est toujours aussi irréaliste, mais c'est le concept arcade qui veut ça, et l'impression de vitesse est excellente. Par contre, l'animation saccade parfois lors des grosses collisions, et l'on ne constate aucune amélioration graphique, ce qui est tout de même assez déplorable. On se trouve donc en face d'un portage facile et sans aucune originalité, mais qui a au moins le mérite de ne pas saboter la richesse du titre original. La version PC n'offre toujours aucune possibilité de jeu à deux, et sa faible durée de vie la destine surtout aux joueurs occasionnels. Voilà une sortie qu'il serait tout de même dommage de bouder étant donné le peu de softs du genre sur PC.
PlayStation 2Gamesdog (Jul 14, 2003)
Where Crazy Taxi excels is filling a slot of time where you would be doing nothing, like waiting for a cab to arrive, or you mate to call round (or waiting for your girlfriend to get changed). You can play in a consequence free environment, you don't really care if you get a high score or not. And therein lies to problem. Crazy Taxi is a stopgap, guaranteed entertainment, but it will not last you long before you want to do something else.
GameCubeNintendoWorldReport (Dec 08, 2001)
In the end, I could complain a lot about Crazy Taxi not using the GameCube's power, or that there aren't enough songs in the soundtrack, or that it's priced as high as totally new GameCube titles like Rogue Leader and Pikmin, but none of that really matters if you've yet to be exposed to some Crazy Taxi lovin'. And with it now available on every console under the sun, there's no reason not to.
GameCubeGamersMark (Jan 29, 2001)
After two years Crazy Taxi has spun off a sequel, a movie deal, and many rip offs that can’t touch SEGA’s attempt. If you think this game appeals to you then give it a chance , I doubt it will dissapoint and remember it’s the gameplay that counts so don’t let the dated visuals of the Dreamcast bring you down in this cubed world.
GameCubeGamezilla (Dec 20, 2001)
Crazy Taxi was an overall disappointment. As the direct port of a three-year-old game, certain steps should have been taken to bring it up to par. If the main goal was to get as many GameCube titles to market in a short period of time, you’d have to say mission accomplished. However, buyers beware as originality was sacrificed in the process. Still the same solid gameplay as before -- if you’ve never played Crazy Taxi you may want to rent it and take it for a spin.
WindowsActionTrip (Jul 16, 2002)
In a nutshell, Crazy Taxi has a decent replay value that may hold your attention for a few days or so. Offering a style of gameplay similar to Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto 3 with just a smidge of "simple" THPS fun; these comparisons are just in the basics of course. But, two very important things have downgraded the game's score I'm afraid: the aforementioned graphical disadvantages and only two locations for exploring. So, if you're a fan of destruction and freaky side-walk driving, you might wanna consider playing this. But, if you're sickened by poor visuals and if you want a wider variety of tracks then do yourself a favor and skip Crazy Taxi.
GameCubeIGN (Nov 21, 2001)
Acclaim's port of the addictive circa 1998 Sega action-racer has arrived with GameCube launch. It's an oldie but still a goodie, and despite its dated look it gives those who never owned a Dreamcast the chance to experience Crazy Taxi.
GameCubeOfficiel Nintendo Magazine (May, 2002)
La meilleure version d'un jeu d'arcade complétement fou qui défoule, malgré un côté répétitif.
WindowsAbsolute Games ( (Jul 06, 2002)
Empire Interactive можно смело поздравить с удачно выбранным моментом начала продаж РС-версии Crazy Taxi. Лето. Расплавляющая мозги жара. Совершенно отсутствует желание играть в крупные проекты, съедающие уйму времени. Простенькая, но залихватская аркадка "про таксистов" в этой ситуации — лучшее средство от скуки. Жаль только, что появилась она лишь в этом, а не прошлом или позапрошлом году…
Xbox 360PAL Gaming Network (PALGN) (Nov 24, 2010)
Crazy Taxi is still as crazy and fun as it was ten years ago, and while the game plays exactly the same, drastic changes to the soundtrack and licensed locations somewhat bog down the classic experience. Fans of the series who already own other versions of the game are better off replaying those, and even newcomers are better off searching for those versions as they offer the original and unaltered Crazy Taxi experience. But for those who don’t have access to other means, this version of Crazy Taxi isn’t that bad a deal considering that it’s only 800 Microsoft Points.
GameCubeGame Informer Magazine (Jan, 2002)
As much as I've always liked Crazy Taxi, its problems, like collision and outdated graphics, are made especially obvious since it's been around so long now. Like a farmer drains the final drops of milk out of Bessie before turning her into meatloaf, Acclaim is just pinching the last pennies out of this old license.
WindowsSvenska PC Gamer (Aug, 2002)
Empire ska ha en eloge för att de har behållit arkadspelets kännetecken – enkla reglage och enkla regler. Det är inget fel med det, men för min egen del passar det inte lika bra att spela arkadspel hemma i stugvärmen. Den typen av spel hör hemma i en halvsmutsig spelhall där man kan stå upp och lira med en pilsner i ena handen. Då är enkelhet bra. Hemma blir det lätt trist. Eftersom det är här en rak konvertering handlar det inte om så mycket mer, men det kan vara nog så. Crazy Taxi är nämligen oförskämt kul. En stund. Jag uppskattade det hårt i arkadhallarna, men nu fungerar det bara i allt kortare doser.
PlayStation 2Common Sense Media (Dec 23, 2001)
Crazy Taxi is aptly named, serving up chaotic driving thrills. The joyride begins almost immediately; kids will have no trouble getting up to speed without even cracking the manual. And no police uphold the rule of law in this city, so players are free to drive through, over, and around anything they like, smacking into buildings, cars, and other obstacles. Some passengers give larger tips for a more exciting ride, while others jump out of the cab when they're too scared. It doesn't exactly teach safe driving habits, but it can be a decent amount of fun.
PlayStation 2Playmag (Jul, 2001)
À tenter éventuellement pour le côté curiosité, compte tenu de la ludothèque PS2, car autrement...
GameCubeNintendo Master (2003)
Ce jeu s’adresse donc à un public enfantin ou fan de taxi, mais ne plaira pas à tout le monde car il est assez répétitif et surtout c’est embêtant de se balader toujours dans la même ville. Ce jeu sert a s’amuser pendant quelques heures puis il passera vite aux oubliettes.
PlayStation 2PlayFrance (Apr 07, 2003)
Unique dans son concept et ô combien fun dans sa conduite survitaminée, Crazy Taxi doit obligatoirement faire partie de votre ludothèque pour que vous puissiez connaître de nouveaux horizons ludiques grâce au savoir-faire de Sega. On aurait juste souhaité un gameplay plus profond. Enfin, on attendra sa suite d'ores et déjà disponible sur feu Dreamcast et en cours d'adaptation sur PlayStation 2. Keep on rollin'...
GameCubeNintendo Life (Nov 02, 2011)
Crazy Taxi is undeniably fun to play in short bursts but ultimately falls foul of its arcade roots, which is a shame because some new cities and Crazy Box minigames would have worked wonders. As it stands though, while SEGA attempted some additions to its other GameCube port of the day, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, Crazy Taxi saw no such attention lavished upon it and reeks of a lazy port.
Xbox 360IGN (Nov 19, 2010)
Dreamcast ports really aren't much more than fan service. But I'd say Crazy Taxi is more a disservice. It's not a big deal to see some of the branded stores stripped bare (bye bye Kentucky Fried Chicken), but the music really matters for Crazy Taxi. There's still fun to be had. The essence of Crazy Taxi is still here and, at its core, this is still an enjoyable game. It just isn't going to satisfy anyone who cared at all for SEGA's final gaming console.
Xbox (Nov 26, 2010)
The contemporary changes to the game include a leaderboard, four avatar awards and achievements based on earning C, B, A and S ranks on Arcade and Original city modes and by completing enough of the Crazy Box challenges. As with their re-release of Sonic Adventures, SEGA have given the old game a bit of an HD gloss to its graphics and addressed the complaint many players had about SA regarding the game's display ratio on widescreen televisions. But the goal of a port whose appeal is laden in nostalgia is to bring that nostalgia on board, and unfortunately it's very apparent what is missing in this game.
PlayStation 2PSM (Jul, 2001)
CT does have a very distinct look. It doesn't push the power of the PS2 or anything like that. It's just that it's a great game to watch. Casual gamers will probably get a kick out of it. Unfortunately, for most of us, it delivers far too little.
PlayStation 2Gamekult (Jun 12, 2001)
Crazy Taxi est un portage identique en tous points du jeu paru sur Dreamcast. Principes et modes de jeu tout comme graphismes ne changent en rien, aussi cette adaptation ne s'adressera-t-elle qu'à tous ceux qui ne connaissaient pas la version Dreamcast. De légers efforts ont pourtant été consentis au niveau de la vitesse de jeu et de l'interface, mais cela ne suffit pas à faire de Crazy Taxi un nouveau jeu. Reste que tous les amateurs de conduite "arcade" qui sont passés à côté de ce titre ont enfin une chance de se rattraper et ça c'est plutôt une bonne nouvelle. Dommage quand même que le premier titre de Sega sur PlayStation 2 n'ait pas été plus travaillé pour rentrer directement dans l'histoire... Il faudra peut-être attendre un Virtua Fighter 4, mais cela, seul l'avenir nous le dira.
WindowsThunderbolt Games (May 08, 2003)
Overall, it's Crazy Taxi. If you liked it a whole lot before, then don't bother with this one, because it's the same game. If you hated it before, then don't buy it either. The only time in which a purchase is warranted is if you have never played it and you are willing to purchase a gamepad. Other than in that one case, avoid it.
60 (Sep 28, 2002)
All in all, Crazy Taxi for the Gamecube doesn't really offer anything over the Dreamcast version; as far as I can see the versions are exactly the same (save the controller configurations). If you are looking for a game you can just pick up and play when you feel like it, go for it. If you are looking for something more in-depth, however, I would advise you to steer clear of this game.
DreamcastGamekult (Aug 30, 2000)
Un titre comme Crazy Taxi peut se targuer d'être à la fois jouable, techniquement réussi, et très amusant. Votre but ? Conduire le plus rapidement vos clients en vous frayant un chemin au milieu des rues de villes très inspirées par la côte californienne. Si la durée de vie laisse à désirer, on reprendra volontiers régulièrement le paddle pour de petites scéances très relaxantes. Un vrai petit défouloir ce jeu !
PlayStation 2GamerDad (Jul 13, 2003)
Crazy Taxi is entertaining, though expert gamers might tire of it quickly. If you can handle the game's slight edgy attitude, then it's actually a decent family game. My family loves it and all our guests, even those that don't normally play video games, find it engaging.
WindowsGameSpot (Oct 14, 2002)
The original Crazy Taxi from Sega's internal team Hitmaker was released in arcades in 1999, and it was subsequently ported to Sega's Dreamcast video game console in 2000. Both versions of the game were simple, fun racing games that let you play as a cabbie in search of fares to transport to their destinations as quickly as possible, performing as many dangerous stunts (like narrowly scraping past oncoming cars) as possible to earn extra tips from your impatient, thrill-seeking passengers. Hitmaker went on to create two console follow-ups, the most recent of which is Crazy Taxi 3 for the Xbox. Yet, for some reason, the very first Crazy Taxi game has just now been ported to the PC, but considering how the port turned out, it probably shouldn't have been.
PlayStation 3Gametactics (Dec 17, 2010)
For ten bucks you can overlook much of the aged gameplay and graphics and there is some mindless fun to be had for the cheap price; but the removal of the music and other locals does a lot to kill the nostalgic desire to relive the glory days of the Dreamcast/Arcades of the late 90′s/early 2000′s. It is a prime example why license tracks and places aren’t a good idea in gaming for re-releases.
GameCubeGame Revolution (Jan 01, 2002)
Crazy Taxi for the GameCube is a mediocre port of what can already be considered an old but classic Dreamcast game. On the other hand, it's a port of a good, fun game with the ever-important gameplay still intact. It's still fun, but it's also dated and aimed towards those new to the craziness. Then again, Crazy Taxi for the DC is now practically $10, and Crazy Taxi GameCube is $50! I'd understand pricing it at $50 if they actually tried to add something to the game or at least fix the minor but aggravating problems, but $50 for the exact same game? The cost-to-value ratio seems more than a mite off there, especially with how long Crazy Taxi 2 has been out. If you really want to get loco, wait for the cab fare to go down.
GameCubeGameSpot (Nov 20, 2001)
Acclaim publishing Crazy Taxi for the PlayStation 2 was a bit of an event. The rumors about Acclaim's involvement with Sega's properties and them being brought from the DC to the PS2 had been flying around for quite some time, and it was interesting to see them come true. The resulting PS2 version of Crazy Taxi didn't do anything differently than the Dreamcast did, wasting the system's purported power. Now, Acclaim has gotten involved in an even grosser misuse of hardware by bringing Sega's 2-year-old arcade taxi game to Nintendo's new GameCube. The quick-and-dirty port does everything the DC and PS2 releases did--meaning it looks good for a Dreamcast game but pretty awful when compared with anything else released on the GameCube so far. The fact that Acclaim needlessly changed a lot of the original's great voicework over to dull, lifeless line readers definitely doesn't help either.
Xbox 360Level Up Times (Nov 20, 2010)
Crazy Taxi is a bad, unchanged, untouched and unpolished port. Even to the hardcore fans I’d recommend popping in your old copy of the game. It’s free and probably better than this port. If you need a Crazy Taxi fix or just interested in achievements, Crazy Taxi is here for you, just don’t blame me when you play it for five minutes and forget about it.
Xbox (UK) (Nov 26, 2010)
Despite its long list of shortcomings, there's still a sliver of fun to be had blasting yourself around the city – especially if you can remember the somewhat obscure combos required to properly control it. The truth is, though, you can probably eke out most of that fun in the free trial, safe in the knowledge that the full versions doesn't offer a great deal more. This isn't how nostalgia is supposed to feel.
Xbox 3601UP (Nov 26, 2010)
Although it's mostly a harsh trip, to Sega's credit Crazy Taxi's re-release is an improvement over Sonic Adventure's, if only a slight one. The option to play Crazy Taxi in widescreen is a plus, and somehow the so-bad-it's-almost good punk/alternative soundtrack still holds up. But reviving Dreamcast games for the HD generation should involve a little more effort than putting out a slapdash port of the original.
Xbox (Nov 23, 2010)
Crazy Taxi on XBLA and PSN is a hard sell. At its core, it’s a great arcade experience that stands out amongst the competition, even a decade later. The characters, passengers, and driving are all deserving of the game’s “Crazy” moniker and create a one of a kind world. Unfortunately, a large part of the game’s charm is gone without the original soundtrack and real world locations. For someone new to the series, this is definitely worth checking out as you won’t notice these exclusions and they really do little to alter the actual gameplay, but for diehards of the original it may just completely ruin the experience. I’m somewhere in between, myself.
PlayStation (Nov 23, 2010)
Crazy Taxi on XBLA and PSN is a hard sell. At its core, it’s a great arcade experience that stands out amongst the competition, even a decade later. The characters, passengers, and driving are all deserving of the game’s “Crazy” moniker and create a one of a kind world. Unfortunately, a large part of the game’s charm is gone without the original soundtrack and real world locations. For someone new to the series, this is definitely worth checking out as you won’t notice these exclusions and they really do little to alter the actual gameplay, but for diehards of the original it may just completely ruin the experience. I’m somewhere in between, myself.