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Creatures 2: Torture Trouble continues the events in the original Creatures. Clyde Radcliff, after eliminating the demons and saving his fellow Fuzzy Wuzzies in the previous game, has settled down with 'Fuzzette' Bonnie and together they have had 9 children. Unfortunately, some demons have escaped and taken revenge on Clyde by kidnapping their children and everyone else in their village. Clyde must rescue them all and wipe out the demons.

The game abandons the scrolling levels of the original, although it retains the torture chambers in which Clyde must manipulate the objects in the single screen level to save one or more of his family and friends.

The various attack modes that Clyde has are now upgraded by picking up potions on the torture chamber levels, rather than getting them from the witch as in the original. Also, bonus coins can be picked up on most levels, and collecting 5 of them earns an extra life.

The game is made up of three islands. Each Torture chamber level is followed by an interlude during which Fuzzy Wuzzies are thrown from a high ledge. Here, Clyde and the Fuzzy he last rescued bounce the other Fuzzies to safety on another ledge whilst avoiding bouncing a Fuzzy into the clutches of a flying demon. During these interludes the player must bounce a certain number of Fuzzies to safety within the time limit.

After a further torture chamber level and accompanying interlude, Clyde is captured by a family of 3 demons. He must destroy them in turn by kicking bugs so that they are sucked into ACME vacuum machines and fired at the demons. While doing this the player must avoid objects that the demons are dropping on him. The demons are faced in order of increasing size and power.

The final level on all but the third island involves Clyde transporting Fuzzies from that island to the next. Clyde has scuba gear, so can go underwater, but must carry the other Fuzzies over the top of the water whilst avoiding various demons that might attack the Fuzzies or Clyde. There are islands in the middle that act as drop-off points.

Contributed by Silverfish (1345) on Dec 31, 2004. [revised by : Indra was here (20862) and Zeppin (8393)].