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The Secret of Monkey Island Credits

85 people (83 developers, 2 thanks)


Original ConceptRon Gilbert
DesignRon Gilbert
ProgrammingRon Gilbert, David Grossman, Tim Schafer
Interpreter / Development SystemRon Gilbert, Brad P. Taylor, Aric Wilmunder
Graphics / ArtworkTami Borowick, Martin Cameron, James Alexander Dollar, William L. Eaken, Mike Ebert, Mark J. Ferrari, Avril Harrison, Iain McCaig, James McLeod, Steve Purcell, Michael Stemmle, Sean Turner
MusicBarney Jones, Michael Z. Land, Patric Mundy, Andy Newell
ProducerGregory D. Hammond
Writing / Dialogue / StoryRon Gilbert, David Grossman, Tim Schafer
PlaytestingBret Barrett, Mark Cartwright, Wayne Cline, Jim Current, David Dahle, Justin Graham, Carla Green, James Hampton, Howard Harrison, Ari Hollander, Mike Kerry, Kirk Lesser, David Maxwell, Bret Mogilefsky, Aaron Muszalski, Liz Nagy, Ezra Palmer-Persen, Darrell Parker, Joe Pinney, David Popovich, Kirk Roulston, Dave Ruedger, Matt Schneider, Damon Tripodi, Judith Lucero, Jon Van, J. White, Matthew Wood
Additional DesignNoah Falstein
Sword Fighting InsultsOrson Scott Card
Last Minute AssistanceRon Baldwin, Tami Borowick
Additional ArtAvril Harrison, James McLeod, Gary Winnick
Art and Animation for Disk 22Jennifer Sward
Special Guest Film DirectorHal Barwood
Chocolate Supply SupervisionAlexa Eurich, Andrea Siegel
Lucasfilm Games General ManagerSteve Arnold
Managing DirectorDoug Glen
Director of OperationsDavid Fox
Marketing ManagerStacey Lamiero
Public RelationsBetsy Irion
Art Department SupervisorGary Winnick
Associate Marketing DirectorKelly Flock
Manufacturing CoordinatorMeredith Cahill
Product SupportCarla Green, Liz Nagy, Brandy Wilson
Production AssistantsCarol Traylor, James Wood
Administrative SupportWendy Bertram, Alexa Eurich, Paula Hendricksen, Debbie Ratto, Andrea Siegel, Lisa Star
Additional TestingRon Baldwin, Tami Borowick, Sam Chan, Wendy Rae Clark, Wallace Poulter, John Sinclair, Lisa Star, Michael Stemmle, Frank Toriello
Spanish translationRandall Mage
German Version byBoris Schneider-Johne
Box DesignCathrine Flanders
Mammor PaperPeggy Skycraft
Packaging CoordinationLyza Latham
Cover ArtworkSteve Purcell (as S. Purcell)
Manual DesignMark Shepard
Thanks ToCarolyn Knutson
Special Thanks ToGeorge Lucas

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Credits for this game were contributed by Rik Hideto (461000), IJan (1990), Terok Nor (32351), Randall Mage (120) and Xoleras (66458)

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