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Grand Prix 3 Credits

92 people (82 developers, 10 thanks)


Game DesignGeoffrey J. Crammond
ProgrammingGeoffrey J. Crammond
Menu DesignPete Cooke
Additional ProgrammingPete Cooke
Circuit TopographyNorman Surplus
Performance Analysis & Test DrivingDavid Surplus
Lead ProgrammingNick Thompson
ProgrammersNeil Alford, Gareth Jones, Yueai Liu, Simon Michael, Duncan Rooth, Jeremy Sallis, Adrian Scotney
Lead ArtistAndy Cook
ArtistsPeter Austin, Paul Ayliffe, Maff Evans, Edward Garnier, Jeffrey Miranda, Greg Shill, Dave Smith, Paul Truss
Additional ArtDrew Northcott, Jonathan Rowe
Graphic DesignJonathan Rowe
Audio ProducerJohn Broomhall
Additional Sound DesignDarren Lambourne
Sound ProgrammingPete Cooke, Geoffrey J. Crammond
Video ProductionJohn Broomhall, Andy Cook, Andy Grierson
MusicRobert Dougan ("Furious Angels", Published by BMG Music Publishing)
Additional Field RecordingPeter Guppy
European Director of DevelopmentAndrew Parsons
ProducerNick Court
Special Thanks ToMatt Carroll, John Cook, Russell Lewis, Laura McNamara, Pete Secchi, AutoSport Magazine, Steinberg Software[for audio recording systems], Sutton Motorsport Images, Students of Bath[for their help with the crowd photography], Orange Arrows Formula One Team[for all their help during the development of this product]
QA ManagerAndrew Luckett
Lead TesterDaniel Luton
TestersDarren Bates, Paul Coppins, Andrew Coward, Lee Evans, Phil Gilbert, Darren Kirby, Chris Knaggs, Eric Manktelow, Garry Mullett, Matthew Nation, Andrew Spratt, Andrew Stainer, Tim Stokes, Nick Thorpe, Jamie Toghill, Robert Ward, Luke Williams
Hardware Compatibility TestingAlan Clark, Ian Palfrey
PC TechnicianMartin Brabham
Localisation Project ManagerAnton Lorton
Localisation Co-OrdinatorKatie Harris
Translators and TestersRodrigo Amorim, Peter Bagney, Benjamin Bazounguissa, Emmanuelle Dumas, Anke Mittelberg, Valeria Motterle, Blandine Prost, Claude P. Esmein, Project Synthesis, Uli Mühl, Pi Editora, Reintaal Translations
Manual WritersGeoffrey J. Crammond, David Surplus, The Write Stuff
Manual EditorBill Martin
Manual ManagerSam Hart
Manual Co-OrdinatorJane Corfe
Art DirectorEdward Du Bois
Customer Services ManagerCaroline de Silva
Customer Services SupervisorMark Rich
Technical AdvisorsAntonio Almaraz, Daniel Lowe, Jon Mayes, Olly Portingale, Warren Rowlands, Andy Taylor
PA/Administration SupervisorChristine Upham
Administration AssistantsPat Edwards, Alex Nowosielski

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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (68946), Accatone (5314) and formercontrib (158042)

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