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Crescent Screenshots

User Screenshots

PC-98 version

Title screen
The beginning of the magician story
Much of the so-called gameplay - as if it weren't stupid and annoying enough already - takes place on such black screens
You go through a cave
Oh wow! A sexy pixie appears!
The pixie is sexually defeated
Poor mummy-girl...
You finally get to see the Boobs of the Big Boss (TM)
Female detective story
This story... err... evolves nicely
Something terrible happens...
...with plot twists...
...and inappropriate comical scenes
The beginning of locker room story
Let the show begin...
Undressing, Stage 1...
...stage 5 or something...
...and stage 8
Passionate showering
The beginning of the mansion story
Welcome, welcome!..
Bathing woman
You get a good view
Don't be scared!..
Nobody plays hentai games for such images
Deceptively innocent scene
I knew it would end like this...
I want some vodka or something
Passion with exotic clothes