Cricket Captain Screenshots

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Main menu
Trying to buy a player after a scouting job
Match in progress, two quick wickets lost
Final scorecard
The chase is successful, so they win

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
The first choice
Choose your team
Main menu
Squad list
You must choose 5 bowlers and a wicket keeper
Selling a player
The scout examines another squad
The match view
Field setup is a key tactical element
As is choosing who should bowl when
He's holed-out there
Another player out, in a more unusual way
Leg before wicket this time
The final scorecard
We have a target for our innings - must average 4.3 runs in each over to make it
This is slipping away from us
The result was close though
Results from other games
What do the players deserve for winning?
We won the tosss for this match
All out for a mediocre score
The game ends with a run chase for the opposition
Running mishaps like this won't help
Those totals would be poor for 1 innings, let alone 2
Fixture list
Nowhere near the required run rate in this match
Batting statistics - Dufsey is living up (or down?) to his name
Bowling statistics
League table after 2 games
Training - 2 players improve but 2 deteriorate