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Crime Does Not Pay Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen.
Choose your family.
Let's commit some crime.
Nice gun.

Atari ST version

Title Screen
Title Screen (updated)
Language Selection
Epigraph for the game
Italian Mafia
Giuseppe is shooting on the street
Giuseppe is arrested
Sophia is walking near 'Cosa Nostra' headquarters
Sophis is hiding behind the streetlight
Sophia was killed near the river
Georgio was attacked near Hotel Alex
Georgio was killed on the streets
Chinese Triad
Xu finds a audio-player with 'Sex Pistols' records in the office
Xu is ready to shoot the opponent
Xu is entering the General Store
Xu is talking to the Shop Keeper
Irene shoots a bandit
Shang is ready to shoot the policeman in the head
Shang is getting the book from certain room

DOS version

Select Joystick or other (Keyboard)
Title 1
Select Team 1
Select Team 2
Start -- Team 1
Menu - Team 1