Crime Patrol Screenshots

User Screenshots

3DO version

*Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" starts playing*
Intro movie. You're not really in the SWAT team, are you?
More intro movie. Dude's on fire running out of the trailer. This will be the best game ever.
Title screen
Main menu. Shoot the location to select.
Department store. Busting in with our partner.
Shoot the robbers as they pop out.
Too slow. Killed by a guy with pantyhose on his head.
Careful now, this guy might not be surrendering!
Watch out, baddies show up in the background.
Shooting gallery location.
Your partner likes to bust into situations without waiting for backup.
Don't taze me bro!
Got him!
Didn't get him.
Third "gang war" location.
Ouch... right in the head.

DOS version

The main menu
Shooting cardboard targets before you shoot cardboard actors
Taking on shoplifters as a Rookie
Your partner's a tad psycho, but who isn't in this job?
Blowing away an innocent security guard
Save the state some money, do it yourself
The level select screen
Your Undercover partner doesn't look at all like Dennis Franz
Interrupting a crimelord's dinner
Your SWAT Commander
Hey kid, aren't you a little young to be commiting robbery/homicide?
This is the ethics police! Explain that costume lady!
What do you mean I destroyed the evidence? How do you figure that?
Aw, shoot through him. He gives lousy interest rates anyway.
Talk about rude interruptions. I guess even drugs dealers gotta go sometime.
The Terrorist Leader is a poster child for caffeine
Your Delta Force commander doesn't take kindly to you accidentally shooting him in the butt
If they except me to take on a helicopter, why didn't they at least give me an M16?
Why do these guys always leave all the work for me?
The last mission takes place in funky night vision

SEGA CD version

From the intro: Time to kick some ass
Title screen
Level selection screen
Heading to a crime scene
That's a good aim
Game over
Another bad guy is about to bite the dust
The bad guys tries to hide behind the car