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Back of Case - PlayStation 2 (UK):


    It's a Full-Scale War Against the Alien Menace!

    You are mankind's
    last chance for survival!

    • New! Two Player Co-Op, Vs., and Competition Modes
      New Characters, Relentless Enemies, and Vicious Bosses

    • New! Over 60 Non-Linear and Character-based Missions
      Crush Waves of Alien Predators in High-intensity Combat

    • New! Time Extend and Overdrive Attacks
      Change the Tide of Battle with Devastating NeoPsionics

    • Explore strange worlds across the galaxy Theophilus!

    • Upgradeable weapons system - attack with guns and blades!

    • More than twice as many missions as the original!

    • RPG story elements and four challenging modes of play!

    General Producer: Kou Shibusawa

    Contributed by TechSmurfy (918) on May 16, 2012.

    Theophilus, a star system millions of light years away from our planet, is once again under attack from an unknown alien menace. The IAG, the agency in charge of protecting Theophilus, has dispersed its forces across the galaxy following a surprise attack that eliminated many of its troops in one fell swoop. Sho, a human-alien hybrid known as a 'VIPA' and member of the IAG, has already dealt with such a threat before and, realising that the IAG's reduced army won't stand a chance, goes on a search for more help...


    This help arrives in the form of new playable character Feanay, a fellow VIPA with her own special powers. During the game, you'll sometimes have the ability to switch between Sho and Feanay and attempt new character-specific missions.

    The fast-paced shooting action recalls Koei's Dynasty Warriors series, with thousands of enemies to take on with a variety of weapons and NeoPsionic (psychic 'wave') attacks. Weapons and powers can be mixed and matched to devastating effect - it's actually possible to wipe out hundreds of aliens in seconds with 1,000+ hit combos.

    Non-linear game progression means that you can be selective with your missions - even if you decide to decline a certain task, you'll still be able to progress and develop your character's attributes and arms, and then return once you feel that you're powerful enough to tackle it.


    • Over 60 detailed, challenging levels and missions

    • Varied two-player options, including co-operative, versus and competition modes

    • Frantic shoot 'em up action - tackle hundreds of enemies simultaneously

    Contributed by Xoleras (66813) on Apr 11, 2005.