Cruise for a Corpse Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Intro: Your hometown
Intro: You are invited to take a trip with a ship
Intro: After your arrival somebody got killed
Intro: The victim is your host
Title screen
After finding the victim you got knocked down and now awake
Map overview of the ship
Exploring the ship.
Better not mess with things you don't know they operate.
The cook thinks she is the supreme master of the ship's kitchen...
Laundry room.
Discovery one of the passenger's secret vices.

Atari ST version

The copy protection
From the intro
A gruesome murder
Title screen
The room is a mess
Inspecting a blocked door
I wont be able to enter here
On deck
Speaking with one of the passengers
Map over the ship

DOS version

The title screen
From the intro: going aboard.
The usual suspects.
Dusentier begins to collect clues.
The commands you get to choose depend on the object you click on.
A right-click opens the inventory. Note the vector characters.
Dusentier continues to collect clues.
The offers *very* useful shortcuts between locations.
Questioning a passenger.
Duesentier develops expertise in collecting clues.
We "overhear" a peculiar conversation.
A few flashbacks clarify past events.
The plot thickens.
The butler is always the murderer.
Aha! Good old "operate" is here to stay!
Searching the priest's room
Questioning Laura about the priest
Talking to the (blood-sucking?) lawer of Niklos
What's under the kitchen? Behold!
Intro: It was on a cold spring morning...
Intro: ...fate decided to knock on my door... (How rude to knock on my door this early in the morning!)
Intro: An invitation...
Near an engine.
Laundry room. I wander if I can get the laundry-girl to go out with me on a date?
Another hallway.
Smoking room. But I don't smoke...
A clue!
A teddy bear on the bed.
A ship's boy does his work.
A locket with a picture in it.
A music box.
Cut scene with Rose.
The kitchen.
Ship's hold.
Watching a film reel on the projector.
The captain's cabin.
Arcade sequence - fist fighting against the thug.
Intro (Tandy)
Mmmm... sounds interesting (Tandy)
Goodbye to our vacation! (Tandy)
Regaining our conscience (Tandy)