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Nintendo 64The Video Game Critic (Apr 08, 2006)
The one player game is pretty much limited to beating your previous times (saved to cartridge), but the split screen mode accomodates up to four players. Exotica may be a bit shallow compared to most modern racers, but there's still fun to be had. It's clear however, that the series had nowhere to go from here.
Nintendo 64Game Vortex (2000)
Cruis'n Exotica wasn't one of my personal favorites, but I gave it a 60 because it was enjoyable, and I'm in the giving mood with the holidays upon us. I think kids could definitely get some playing time out of this one.
Nintendo 64GameSpot (Oct 27, 2000)
Cruis'n Exotica is an amusing diversion, but there are definitely better racing games. If you're in it for the speed and the thrill of narrowly weaving between your opponents' cars, pass it over. Playing Exotica requires very little skill or finesse, but for the casual gamer who doesn't want to commit lots of time to racing a track, that's not really a bad thing.
Nintendo 64IGN (Oct 20, 2000)
When it comes to arcade racing, Cruis'n Exotica can be fun. There, I said it. But only fun for a very brief moment really, and once that moment passes you're left with a very bland, very dated racer. It ceases to make you happy just because the pretty colors move by so fast, and instead the simple gameplay and boring control will push you away in no time at all. If you're a diehard Cruis'n fan, then stick with renting this one before you decide if it's worth the dough. And we'll just save you the trouble right now -- it's not. There are much better Midway racers to choose from on the console, and perhaps it's time the Cruis'n series realizes this fact and just goes away.
Nintendo 64HappyPuppy (Dec 04, 2000)
Really, I get no great thrill out of mocking the efforts of developers, but this game richly deserves every barb that I've thrown at it. Hopefully, Midway will stop beating this dead horse and spare unsuspecting gamers from efforts like this. Only give it a rent if you loved the other Cruis'n titles, or if your video store is all out of other N64 racing games.
Nintendo 64Daily Radar (2000)
Midway isn't exactly known for its originality when it comes to racing games, yet some of them are instant hits. Take the San Francisco Rush games for example -- fun, quick, with lots of things to find and do. The Cruis'n series of racing games, however, has never really been terribly impressive, and this latest entry is likely the most disappointing yet. It attempts to fool players into thinking it's imaginative by adding some unusual tracks, such as Atlantis and Mars, but the racing engine is a step back in the evolution of such games, and will leave a sour taste in racing fans' mouths. Cars bounce off invisible boundaries, pop-in is abundant and obvious, and touchy controls make this one racing game to avoid at all costs.