Crypt Killer Screenshots

User Screenshots

SEGA Saturn version

A shot from the very arcade intro.
The title screen.
This crude polygonal babe persuades you to join the game.
A stage select screen.
Sure, it would be nice if the game actually looked like that.. alas, it's only a loading screen.
This.. for the lack of a better word, dirtbag, pops up at the beginning and the end of every stage.
Blastin' some demons out of the sky.
Blastin' demons on land..
There is a small area of nothing between every stage. In the arcade it was probably used to load the next part. On Saturn, however, the game still loads at the end of this tally.
Skeletor attacks!
Welcome! You got zombies!
Facehuggers. These things are highly annoying, as they pour out in large quantities.
The ceiling dragon is watching you die.
This game has zombies, now if it only had pirates ninjas and robots...
The marathon of the undead.
This horny bastard is one of the bosses.
All this shooting, and all I get is this? Unforgivable!
No "crypt" game is complete without an Egyptian level.
These polygonal blob-men are very poorly animated.
Oh, noez! It's the raise-da-roof mummy!
Oh, hello there!