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Crystal Rain Forest V2 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game's title screen
The game's overview explains the story, the teacher options and the puzzle structure
There are four Game Modes
Adventure is the full story
In Activity the player sees just the puzzles
Teacher configures the game
Crystal Logo allows free programming
The start of Adventure Mode
The game remembers where the player has reached
The first few screens set the story and introduce the player to the controls
Red squares like this are meant to be clicked on, in this case it brings up a picture of Bridgetown
Here's the king protecting his forest with a sign
The king has been shot by a poisoned arrow and is very ill.
The first puzzle. The player must control the robot and make it walk to the red DOOR switch
The game immediately begins to introduce control elements. It's not enough to issue a Walk instruction, the player must say how far the robot must walk
Exploring the city looking for the professor The directional controls to navigate the city are one step more advanced than puzzle one.
Exploring the city
When a location is reached the SEARCH button on the map view lights up
This is Esme, she has a puzzle for us
The bridge puzzle is a sort of Tetris variant made more difficult because the Shape 1, Shape 2 etc symbols do not match the blocks that are floated downstream
In this puzzle the player must resize the packages do that they fit into the railway carriages
The Help function tells the player what to expect next
The Museum shop uses a right/left pointer and angular displacement to select items
Here the player must draw lines between the dots in the right colour to start the engine of their boat
Here the player must draw lines between the dots in the right colour to start the engine of their boat
Having escaped from the gang the player must navigate the waterways using the increasingly familiar commands for the right/left pointer and angular displacement
After using the navigation commands manually the game introduces the idea of planning ahead and programming the on-board computer
Having introduced the idea of a program while navigating the river the game builds on that to mend some rope bridges
It provides the first few commands and the player must complete the program
The pictures are static, the water for example does not move, but they are very well done
This puzzle sees the player writing a routine that will draw a square, later they will produce another routine that draws a triangle. Both will be combined into a program that draws a pattern
The player created subroutines to draw square and triangular nets and a program that generated them in the correct sequence. Now they must use them to catch the crates of poison
Here the player must use the professors computer to recreate this shape.
Some lines have been put in to help them get started
Good news!
The king is cured by the magic crystal medicine
The king wants a logo for his forestry protection scheme. This brings all the commands and methods taught by the game together in one exercise
The End and everyone lives happily ever after