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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - 3 Dimensions of Murder Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Being welcomed to the team.
The first crime scene
Collect fingerprints. There are a lot of them.
Check every object.
Questioning a suspect.
Evidence - Trinity will help bring order to the evidence collected.
In the morgue
The game has the same ultra-zooming moments the TV series was famous for.
In the lab. You can ask a hint from your partner here.
Comparing DNA samples.
In the Brass' office you can receive a warrant for searching, questioning and arresting.
Real footage of Vegas is shown during locations' transitions.
Your partner is participating in questioning as much as you do.
This man is the most promising lead we have.
Loading screen
In the gallery office, searching for clues.
Finally receiving a warrant.
Even art is evidence in this game.
Admitting the guilt.
You will be congratulated by the series main cast.
Review your record after solving the case.
One case requires finding the murderer of a game designer.
You won't get to shoot with these guns.
The case is code-named First Person Shooter.
A lot of blood for an adventure
Nice car
It's a mobile lab in fact.
You will be frequently presented with the videos reconstructing the events.
The programmer seems to be hiding something.
Main title
Grissom introducing you to Catherine as your partner
A room with a view
Looking for clues at the information desk
The painting and the real thing
Visiting the Gut Wrench III production offices
Analyzing fingerprints
Questioning a suspect
We checked the garage, now if only we could take a peek inside the house