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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Dark Motives Screenshots

User Screenshots

Nintendo DS version

Main menu.
Options screen.
Welcome to Las Vegas.
Meeting with Gil Grissom, your supervisor.
Catherine will be your partner on the first case.
Selecting location to travel to.
Arriving at the crime scene.
Use your collection tools to gather evidence.
Use the swab to take a sample of the spilled motor oil.
You can look around the crime scene in full 360 degrees.
Talking to the possible suspect.
Case fill will hold the gathered info about victim, suspect and motive.
Green arrow indicates you can zoom in on the interesting area.
Reconstruction of the crime.
Select the best tool for collecting the tire track print.
In CSI lab you can test and compare gathered evidence for more info.
Use microscope to compare two specimens.
When you gather enough evidence to accuse someone, visit captain Brass and he will issue you an arrest warrant.
Visiting the victim in the hospital.
Questioning the victim.

Windows version

Main menu
Before each investigation, you are given information from your supervisor
Your first partner... You can also see the tools you have for collecting evidence
You get to see some very graphic video footage...
You can ask suspects and victims various questions
Your first crime scene... in Las Vegas
You can zoom in on your evidence to work with it or just to view it
As you collect information, your case file will be filled with information on the victims...
... and the suspects
Meet the lab technician... he'll set you up with information about any evidence you collect
The lab computer lets you look into information about 5 different types of evidence you can collect
One thing you can view with the computer are tire tracks to find out what they are from
When you find a match, you get information about it
You can also look up fingerprints
Which also reveal results
Use the microscope/image enhancer to view other evidence
A look at the Las Vegas skyline
And a look at the Las Vegas strip
You will see many videos of things in each case, such as this video of the stunt jump
Need information on where something is, or a warrant? Talk to the Brass.
Warrants let you look for evidence where you're not normally allowed to look
When you get enough information, bring the suspects in for questioning
Access computers for more information... maybe
You can even read SPAM in the game!
Having trouble picking your lottery ticket numbers? Try these (though they aren't winning numbers in the game)
After completing a case, you are asked questions to see what you remember from the case
You can also view your information for the case
You unlock various bonus materials when completing cases
Case 2... in the Morgue with your next victim
More closeup views of the insides of a body... hope you aren't squeamish
Main title
Tracing the bike connection this motor store
Events reconstruction
Somebody tried to get rid of the evidence
Money is the root of all evil
Talking to the restaurant manager
Checking the dumpster in the alley behind the restaurant
Until you find some conclusive evidence, you can question suspects only at their place
Searching for clues in the asylum
Unlocked concept art of the asylum scene
Perfect gun for a woman's purse
Found the clues of stalking in the suspect's locker
Recreating the murder scene
Looking for DNA evidence on the panties
Trying to reason with the murderer