CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Deadly Intent Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
The first contact with the CSI members
The new dialogue system
The first crime scene: a dead actress
The player receives hints per e-mail when stuck
Choosing the right tool
Collecting evidence
Taking a closer look
In the case file the player can find additional information about the suspects...
...or the crime scene
All collected evidence
A visit to the morgue
Analyzing a voice file
A part of the CSI lab
Analyzing a DNA sample
Using the microscope
Warrants are obtained from Captain Brass
Visiting a night club
Comparing two fingerprints
Preparing a partly fingerprint for a database search
Investigating a piece of evidence
Brass calls to inform the player of current happenings
Now the player has to disprove some of the suspect's statements...
...by choosing the correct piece of evidence
Analyzing a chemical composition
The assembly table
The second crime scene: a dead referee
One of the trademark flashbacks
Searching an office
After solving the case the player gets rated
The third crime scene in a rehab clinic
One of the numerous cutscenes between CSI team members
Analyzing an document
The fourth crime scene: accident or murder?
The grieving wife
Testing the generator in the crime lab
The boiler room
The fifth crime scene: a dead transvestite singer
A little bit of action
Searching the back of the club