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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Hard Evidence Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main Menu
Inspecting Evidence
Looking in dumpster
Crime Scene Diagram screen
CSI mobile lab
CSI comparison microscope
Case statistics screen
Nick Stokes and Sara Sidle
First case crime scene
More evidence might be over here
Loading screen
CSI team at crime scene
Training Level
Catherine Willows
Warrick Brown
Captain Jim Brass
Cutscene from Las Vegas
Evidence collection kit

Xbox 360 version

Main title.
Main menu.
Training level will teach you about the basic controls while you're trying to find out who stole and ate Grissom's donut.
Grissom will review you after each case, and based on your score you'll be granted access to unlockable bonus items.
Grissom, welcoming you on the team as you're about to start your first case.
Use your PDA to check collected evidence, review case files, travel to available locations or change the game options.
Traveling to new locations for the first time will trigger random videos of Las Vegas.
Loading screen displays hints on how to use your kit for collecting evidence.
Arriving at your first crime scene where taxi driver has been murdered.
To collect or inspect an evidence, you'll have to select appropriate tool for that type of evidence.
Check out surrounding for additional evidence like that gas canister near the trash.
Certain evidence can contain additional evidence, so be thorough in looking for fibers or fingerprints on objects you collect.
You'll need to come real close to notice small piece of evidence when it's not in plain sight.
For quick evidence examination, you'll be able to use mobile lab on occasion.
There are various computers for processing various types of evidence... those flashing with exclamation mark tell you that you have an evidence that can be examined on that computer.
Matching partial fingerprint with fingerprints from the LVPD records.
Rap sheet of your first suspect in the murder investigation.
Doc Robbins can give you basic information like the cause of death, murder weapon or the time of death.
This doesn't look to be the friend of a victim.
When you've got enough evidence, come to Captain Brass and he'll issue you a search warrant, or a warrant for an arrest.
Lab at the police station is much more equipped than your mobile lab, so you'll be able to find additional information you did not have access to via mobile lab.
Performing chemical analysis of an unknown substance found on the victim's shirt... it looks like an accelerant.
Checking the case files... you need to tie suspect to the victim, suspect to the crime scene and victim to the crime scene.
Checking the crime scene diagram in the case files.
You can collect bugs for Grissom, there are five per every case, and collecting them all will unlock a bonus item.
Inspecting the crime scene... luckily, the victim survived despite all the blood.
You'll be awarded points for thoroughness during inspection which will count in your final evaluation.
Sara calling to inform you about the victim's status.
Catherine will be your partner on your second case.
Performing DNA comparison.
Using microscope to compare fibers.
New locations will become available to travel to as you uncover evidence that leads you to them.
Checking the bar in one of the casinos.
Uncovering the truth will show the video flashes of things that have or might have transpired.
Jealousy is a motive for murder, alright.
Recovering the blood sample from the victim's wife's clothes.
Taking a photo of a shoe print... next stop, run it through the database for comparison.
Arresting the suspect.
Found a bullet lodged in the window frame.
There's a lot of evidence to be processed.
On the case with Catherine
DNA match found