CT Special Forces Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Title screen
Start menu
World map
The general relays the mission objective
Game start
Tiptoeing on the edge
The enemy and a box of grenades
Enemy jeep
Helicopter wreck and a surrendered enemy
Level end
Parachute mini-game
Landed safely
Bazooka enemy
Reticule placard
Shooting gallery mini-game
Saved hostages
First boss, a snowtruck
Second mission briefing
Top-down section
Desert mission
Desert mini-game
Desert jeep
Walkie-talkie enemy
Hiking rope and oil pump
Machine gun enemy

PlayStation version

Title screen.
Language selection.
Main menu.
Screen adjustment.
The entire world is counting on you.
Level introduction.
Who needs luck?
Loading screen.
Close to the enemy.
I'm going...
A little bit chaotic.
Enemy being hit.
Nice... background...
Helicopter wreck.
Don't kill him.
Pause menu.
Co-operative mode.
Checking the Memory card.
Game over screen.