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Cuphead Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Options menu.
Never make deals with the Devil...
I'll give you the pickle, old man!
An interactive drawing as the tutorial - one of the nifty ideas by the developers of this little gem.
Probably based on the "SM3" world map, only a lot prettier.
Even the loading screen has the static noise in the picture, so characteristic of the 1930s.
Some enemies just have the creepiest smile all around.
Dying doesn't really sound like much of a hassle, huh.
Our own character's smile is pretty self-assured too. I mean, I'd smile arrogantly too if I could shoot my enemies in the ass.
Time to be a man and pull these pants up, Mr. Potato is here.
Gotta love these allusions to old postcards. It's even more elegant than the Bioshock approach!
A nice throwback to Wonder Boy.
Not everyday you get to see your own soul. The attention to detail with the straw-halo is just juicy.
It kinda pains me having to shoot so many cute animals... But a cuphead's gotta do what a cuphead's gotta do.
Nice dodging from Mr. Gigantic Penis Flower.
That's quite the list to fill, shows how long the game can be. Good for people who like challenges.
I'm all up for entering big dark holes...
The animation on these flipping shootouts is nothing short of amazing.
All bosses have several distinct phases when they completely change their attacks and often their appearance
This boss is creepy awesome
Another shoot-'em-up boss. The background is constantly rotating
Three-way weapon is powerful, but it has a short range
One of run-and-gun levels on Island Two
There's no limit to how absurd a boss can look in this game
Same boss, last phase
Carnival boss
This dragon is quite tough
Two-player game
You can stand of the floor or on the ceiling in this run-and-gun level
A very randomized boss fight, but not that hard at regular difficulty
All the elements you see in the screenshot can shoot or hit and cause damage. Sometimes they do it all at once
Running away from a troll, listening to upbeat jazzy soundtrack
Junkyard robot
Using super shot (v.3)
Hey kitty
Another boss defeated
Fighting a phantom train. By pressing the jump button second time in the air you can parry pink objects to build your super meter - an interesting mechanic
Phantom train - phase two
Some statistics
A frantic section - the octopus is moving to the right and you gotta hit that stone in the anchor constantly so that you wouldn't sink while shooting enemies and avoiding projectiles.
Medusa boss transformation
The turtle hints on how to unlock the black-and white mode
Inkwell hell
This boss wants to play a dice game - each red space is a different mini-boss
Dice game mini boss - some drinks
Another dice game mini boss - a cigar
The devil
Using a special (v.1) on the devil (phase two)

Xbox One version

Results screen

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