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Curious George Learns Phonics Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
New player
Audio settings
Activity selection
Introduction for Animal Acrobats
Curious George messed up
In Animal Acrobats, you choose the animal carrying the banner that rhymes with the picture on the overhead banner (nail/sail in this case)
When you successfully match 6 words, you get to watch the animal acrobats strut their stuff
Intro for the Peanut Pickup game
Sort of a Pac-Man clone, pick up the peanuts and go after the peanut vendor carrying a picture that begins with the letter on the lower right corner
Thea's Story Theater
Choose from among 10 stories
The game highlights the words being read to you
The clowns had a pile-up and you need to sort them out and pair them up
One clown is on stage with a letter and you must scan for the picture whose word ends with the same letter
When you make a match, the clowns exchange a joke for your amusement
The ringleader explains Sammy the seal's horn situation
Find the 5 pictures that have short 'a' sounds
When you select all the right pictures, you get to help Sammy play the horns
Fun House activity -- using the randomly-appearing letters, build a word that represents the picture in the middle
High score screen
Certificate of achievement