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The Curse of Crowley Manor Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Color adjustment information
Color test pattern
Game start
Looking out the window
Phone rings
Talking on phone
Landing outside your office
Brick Street - getting a cab
Talking with driver
Driving through London - view from cab
Arrival at Crowley Manor
Talking with officials at the scene
Long hallway
Kitchen - crime scene

Atari 8-bit version

Starting point
Could be useful
The game's events begin
Another screen colour change
Heading outside
I doubt I'd ever seen a fouler colour than magenta
Hailing a ride

TRS-80 version

Title - game start
London at night....hmmm
Looking at office
The date
Talking on the phone - a murder!
Riding in cab
At Crowley Manor
Crime scene - I think?
Hey, I at least have my revolver!

TRS-80 CoCo version

Game start
Looking around the office
Telephone rings
Talking with the caller
Brick Street
Fetching a cab
Talking with cab driver
Traveling through London
Crowley long drive
Exit cab
Talking with local police