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Cyber Sled Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Select Your Course.
Round 1 mission.
The arena.
Enemy ahead.
1st Person view.
Two enemies to take out.
You Win!
Taking damage.
Night time arena.
Vehicle ahead.

PlayStation version

Intro shot 1.
Intro shot 2.
Intro shot 3.
Title screen.
The option menu. Please note the "Game graphics" option.
You can play the game in either the arcade-authentic flat-shaded mode...
...or a more textured one.
Each opponent has a short FMV intro scene to highlight his special abilities.
Round 1. FIGHT!
Cybersled is essentially Atari 2600 game Combat, but with fancy 3D graphics.
Woohoo! I won! (each character has his or her own win and lose animations)
Round 2 intro.
The second opponent puts up a much tougher fight than the first.
I lost!
The game loses some of its charm in the textured mode.
Whoops! The blokes got me!
Game Over FMV.