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PlayStationNowGamer (Oct 28, 1999)
With so many golfing games already available, it’s refreshing to have one that introduces new aspects to the genre and one that doesn’t take itself too seriously. But the beauty of Cyber Tiger is that it may be slightly off-beat, but it still offers a cracking game of golf and always gives the player immediate satisfaction from their actions (sweet little text messages will pop-up when you do something special like sink consecutive ‘Eagles’ and suchlike). The incentive to keep playing is always present because, like all good sports games, there is always something extra to do, and for this you forgive the suspect graphics and spaced-out loony sound effects.We understand that golf games aren’t to everyone’s liking, but we’re not huge fans and we loved Cyber Tiger!
Nintendo 64IGN (Mar 20, 2000)
Cyber Tiger is very entertaining golf game and is my choice for best golf game on the N64. What can I say, the analog control stick and human looking characters really do it for me.
PlayStationVideo Games (Dec, 1999)
Kaum zu glauben, da kommt ein Comic-Golf daher und bügelt die ach so schönen Real-Time-Versuche einfach so nieder! Was auf den ersten Blick wie ein Kinder-Spielchen aussieht, entpuppt sich aber schon nach kurzer Zeit als ernsthafte Golf-Sim der Extraklasse. Vor allem, weil's Spaß macht – und nur darauf kommt's schließlich an! Auch die Sache mit dem Analog-Schwung kommt prima. Am Anfang werdet ihr sicherlich fluchen – wer aber mal den Bogen raus hat, für den ist der Drei-Punkt-Klick keine Herausforderung mehr. Hey, schließlich sind wir Profis, oder? Vergesst irgendwelche PGA-Lizenz-Games – CyberTiger wartet auf euch!
PlayStationMega Fun (Dec, 1999)
Cyber Tiger kann ebenso wie Tiger Woods ‘99 überzeugen und bietet erneut Detailverbesserungen an. Neben der einfachen Steuerung überzeugt vor allem das Kursdesign. Wer sich echtes Golfen nicht leisten kann, findet mit Cyber Tiger eine günstige Alternative, die bis auf kleine Mängel voll begeistert. Es motivieren lustige Vierspieler-Matches und auch die acht verschiedenen Varianten ins Einspieler-Modus auf lange Dauer. Ein rundum gelunges Golfgame.
PlayStationPlayer One (Dec, 1999)
Par sa facilité d'accès et son esprit fun, Cyber Tiger ne s'adresse pas qu'aux amateurs de golf, mais aussi à tous les autres...
Nintendo 64Nintendojo (2000)
CyberTiger is a decent game. It's fun--I'm not a golf aficionado, but I still really enjoyed my time with this cart. And that saddens me even more, that I have to deduct points for the mediocre graphics and wretched music. If you've been looking for a good golfing experience on your Nintendo 64, and you prefer a PGA license over our red-capped mascot hero, CyberTiger is the best--and sadly, really the only--choice to make. Definitely better than Waialae, CyberTiger is quick and delightful.
Nintendo 64Gaming Age (Jul 20, 2000)
Cyber Tiger, in my opinion, is one of the most entertaining golf games I've played in years. Not since the original Hot Shots Golf, have I found such pleasure playing 18 holes of golf. If you love golf, or just remotely like the sport, give this one a "swing". It's more fun than watching Caddy Shack part 2, of course so is a root canal. Bad comparison I guess. Seriously, this game is a blast and shouldn't be missed by anyone who still owns a N64. If you have a PlayStation, Cyber Tiger is slightly different, but just as enjoyable. Fore!
Nintendo 64Daily Radar (2000)
Watching Tiger Woods now is akin to watching Joe Dimaggio in his prime: a player so captivating and graceful that he elevates his sport to a level previously thought unreachable by its ardent followers. Woods has become so good, so fast that it's mind-boggling. He has broken many of golf's barriers -- racial and otherwise -- but Woods' greatest accomplishment is elevating the coolness factor of golf to a point where it now appeals to a demographic normally excluded from the sport. The same could be said for Tiger's first foray onto the N64, CyberTiger. EA Sports and Saffire's first collaborative effort, CyberTiger takes the normally stodgy approach to videogame golf and starts anew, with an innovative control scheme and refreshing arcade atmosphere that draws nongolfers into the sport and gets them hooked. Though not without its flaws, CyberTiger turns out to be strong enough -- and different enough -- to be an enjoyable experience for all.
PlayStationGamezilla (Nov 12, 1999)
really did not like this game much when I first started playing it but the more I played the more it grew on me. If you take this game for what it is, you will have some fun with it but the putting will show you the meaning of frustrated. Maybe it was just me but man, if I could pull the Happy Gilmore putter throw, I would have. While I really don't want to compare this game to Hot Shots (even though I have been throughout the review), I still think Hot Shots is a much more fun golfing game and experience.
Nintendo 64Game Informer Magazine (Apr, 2000)
To its credit, you can rip through a round quickly, but I find this game stuck in a void. It is neither an enjoyable arcade nor simulation. Like I said, Mario Golf blows this away.
Nintendo 64Sports Gaming Network (Mar 22, 2000)
If you are looking for a golf simulation on the N64, this isn't it. With arcade style game play, CyberTiger is a quick play best suited for multi-player action. The lack of courses and simple AI keep it from being a must buy for the single player or golf sim fanatic. But if you want a game you can play with the siblings, kids, or friends, CyberTiger is definitely a game to try.
Nintendo 64Nintendo Power Magazine (Feb, 2000)
The extra months of development have truly paid off with a fun golf game that lies somewhere between Mario and the PGA. An original control interface and the power-ups set it apart from your dad's golf video games.
PlayStationConsoles Plus (Dec, 1999)
Je conseillerai néanmoins aux vrais amateurs de se tourner plutôt vers une simulation plus sérieuse et aux clubeurs du dimanche de jouer au mini-golf. Comme ça, tout le monde sera content.
PlayStationPSM (Dec, 1999)
Games like Hot Shots Golf have shown that a golfing game doesn't have to be a 100% accurate simulation to appeal to gamers. Electronic Arts have taken note and produced superstar Tiger Woods for a second round of tongue-in-cheek fairway follies. Aimed at younger and 'first-time' players, CyberTiger takes a lot of the pain out of the world's most frustrating game, but it comes up short on visual appeal.
60 (Jan 14, 2000)
Une mauvaise imitation de Hot Shots Golf qui n'en reprend que le style en oubliant au passage les atouts majeurs. En bref, un jeu plat et morne qui n'enthousiasmera ni le pro de golf, ni le joueur orienté arcade qui cherche la nouveauté.
PlayStationIGN (Nov 17, 1999)
I really loved Hot Shots Golf, so when I first heard about CyberTiger I had very high expectations for it. I was hoping that EA would copy everything good about Hot Shots and possibly add some cool new things to it. They didn't. CyberTiger is simply an average golf game that fails to copy the features of Hot Shots Golf that made it a special title.
PlayStationGameSpot (Nov 09, 1999)
If you're playing a sim, well, you expect it to feel like a real golf course. If you're playing fantasy golf, it should feel more playful... less traditional. CyberTiger seems to be lost somewhere in between, not sure of what it wants to be. It's not Tiger Woods '99, and it's certainly not Hot Shots, so if you fall somewhere in between the two, you might like the game. Otherwise, hold out for Hot Shots Golf 2 or Tiger Woods 2000.
Nintendo 64Defunct Games (Mar 25, 2016)
CyberTiger is a game that tries to be both goofy and realistic and does neither that well. It is still playable, and it can be enjoyed much more than the proper Tiger Woods games on the N64. However, only get this one if you had played Mario Golf to death! Mario Golf is the best N64 golf game; CyberTiger is a VERY distant second on the Leaderboard.
Nintendo 64HappyPuppy (Apr 11, 2000)
To be brutally honest, CyberTiger would have had a tough time competing with Mario Golf and Hot Shots even if it had been released on time. The fact is that in the quest for a unique-looking interface, the developers managed to come up with an arrangement that is far from intuitive. All the necessary features are there (things like club choice, swing meters, terrain and distance indicators), but they're all either arranged or displayed in such a strange way that this game requires careful study of the instruction manual before you can have even a slight idea of what you're doing. This, coupled with unimpressive graphics and dull sound, pretty much doom this title to mediocrity. Overall, it's a pity that the rest of the game couldn't achieve the same high quality that can be seen in the controls. At least there's that outrageous battle mode to be factored into the equation.
Nintendo 64GameSpot (Mar 24, 2000)
Overall, CyberTiger just doesn't feel like a fun, escape-for-a-day-on-the-green kind of golf game. It's a chore to play and not even fun to look at. If you are a novice or a serious N64 gamer who wants a fun, fantasy-style title that still plays like an earnest game of golf, check out Mario Golf or hold off for Mario Golf 2 instead.