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Daleks Screenshots

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Starting a new game
Moving the Doctor
Trying to determine how to get on the /other/ side of the rubble, The Doctor consults his options.
High score table

Browser version

Title screen
Doctor, meet Daleks
Hiding behind a slag-heap
Arrgh! They got me!
A larger level, with grid lines enabled.
High score table

DOS version

Title screen and instructions
The Doctor on the map with Daleks
Two Daleks have formed a rubble mound up top. Sadly, the Doctor is down below
That's it for the good Doctor!
Higher levels yield more Daleks.

Macintosh version

Title screen
The doctor and the daleks
Hiding behind some rubble
A later level with more daleks

Windows version

Title screen
The Doctor, pursued by Daleks
The Doctor hides behind a pile of rubble
Higher level, more Daleks

Windows 3.x version

The Doctor faces down Daleks
Some Daleks have collided, but too far away to be useful. Teleport!
Now I'm in a correct position to sit tight and make my Last Stand!
Subsequent levels offer more Daleks
I couldn't keep it up forever!