The Dame Was Loaded Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Anger's client, Carol Klein.
Right+Left click of the mouse brings up the inventory list. Right click on anything to read or hear Anger's verbal description. Left click to select an item to use.
Use the magnifying glass to look at things closer.
Click the typewriter to bring up the main menu.
Navigation map which has more than one page
The view of the office when you return.
Frankie, an ex-girlfriend and reporter for the local "Tribune"
Like in real life, you need a shave every day. Mac is your barber and a bookie on the side.
The charming owner of "Meg's Diner".
To see police records you'll need to go through this guy.
Scott's 1940s Pontiac. This is what the car looks like at night. Honk the horn, turn on the radio or open the glovebox.
Jake would just as soon shoot you as look at you.
Need dough? Play a few hands of poker with your "friends" at "Jake's".
Louise is a "real looker"!
This dame is loaded in more ways than one.