Dance Dance Revolution Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Intro video.
Title screen.
The attract mode includes a mini-tutorial on how to play the game.
Game mode selection screen.
Warning: Don't fall off the pad or you'll hurt yourself!
You can choose a dancing character before playing a game.
There are three game modes, each one more challenging than the last.
You can adjust the step difficulty when choosing a song.
The longer the combo, the higher the score. Your life bar will also max out as long as you can keep the combo going!
That wasn't too bad, but it could be much better. Keep practicing!
Workout Mode lets you change several settings depending on your goals for the day.
The screen shows you how many calories you've burned during the session and how long you've been playing.
Lesson Mode teaches you the basics of DDR with easy to understand diagrams.
In Versus Mode, both players can have their own character!
Versus Mode in Beginner level. The characters on screen are a good guide to understanding how to play the game.
Nonstop Mode has eight different play courses, each with two difficulty levels.
You play through four songs without taking a break, and no continues. Try for a full combo!
Game over screen.

Windows version

I got your PINK title screen right here!
Lots of options to choose from!
In other words, don't fall on your face while trying stomp the arrows!
You can choose between four, six or eight panel play.
You can choose between any one of these characters, or more from the Konami DDR website.
There's over 40 songs to play, all within several groups.
There's three difficulty levels per song, as well as a Battle difficulty.
You have a few seconds to get used to the rhythm before the song begins.
All characters have certain dance poses; and some like to rest in mid-dance!
The game shows you how to play if you let it run on its own for a while.
But the game also contains a full-fledged lesson mode to teach you how to dance properly.
The Workout Mode lets you choose how many calories you want to burn, or how long you want to play.
Here's lovely Charmy, who's lost 43 calories already!
Once you're done, you can see how well you did in each song.
And you can see how much you suck in the Records Mode, too!
You can also write your own steps to every song in the game!