Darius Gaiden Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
First wave.
Robotic lobster.
Using your smart-bomb.
Ground defences have appeared.
Go through the gap.
Giant robotic fish.
Power-ups to collect.
End of level boss.
Keep blasting.
About to be destroyed.
Level select.
Flying over water.
Weird robot fish thing to blast.
Avoid or blast.
Is that Patrick?
Another boss to destroy.
Destroyed the boss.
Asteroid field.
Some asteroids are armed.
The surface is above you.
Avoid the bullets.

SEGA Saturn version

Title Screen
Oh no, fish attack!
Zone A
The first boss you will encounter
Zone B: The background feature a neat scrolling effect that doesn't come off well in screenshots.
Zone D
There are many paths to the end.
Zone G
Zone K

Windows version

title screen / main menu
beginning cave A
Golden Ogre, the end of level A boss
choose a level, a trademark of the Darius games
an impressive weapon
Welcome to Cave C
an end of level boss known as Folding Fan