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Platform Votes Score
Atari 2600 5 2.3
Atari 7800 Awaiting 5 votes...
Atari 8-bit Awaiting 5 votes...
Combined User Score 5 2.3

Critic Reviews

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Atari 8-bitTilt (Mar, 1990)
Les bruitages sont quasiment inexistants ; restent cependant un graphisme soigné et une réalisation sérieuse. Intéressant.
Atari 7800All Game Guide (1999)
Those who enjoy Dark Chambers will appreciate being able to play level after level after level (they just keep going!) However, most gamers will eventually tire of this game. More variety and features could have made this into an all time great. As it is, Dark Chambers can just fall into line with the other failed Gauntlet imitators.
Atari 2600Woodgrain Wonderland (Nov 24, 2016)
Like most dungeon crawlers, Dark Chambers has you collecting treasure, unlocking doors, slaying monsters, etc., in this case over 26 levels. It’s the kind of game you pretty much have to map out, which is something I know a lot of old school gamers enjoy. I don’t mind doing that as long as there’s a clear objective, such as in Adventure or Pitfall II. But Dark Chambers is just tedious. I just kept playing, going from room to room and level to level looking for something to happen, like a boss to battle or something. When it comes right down to it, unlike most crawlers, Dark Chambers is a score-based, rather than objective-based, game. That would be fine if the various ghouls you have to battle were any challenge whatsoever, but they’re not.
Atari 7800The Video Game Critic (Sep 09, 1999)
Dark Chambers is much like Gauntlet, only slower and less exciting. The graphics feature detailed characters and large dungeons. Unfortunately, there isn't much variety in the 26 levels; they are all brick labyrinths of rooms and hallways. Your character moves slowly through the scrolling dungeons. The game requires you to do a lot of backtracking which is boring and time-consuming. The left joystick button shoots and the right button allows you to use smart bombs. When you shoot a monster, he transforms into a weaker monster. These monsters aren't particularly aggressive. They look as bored as you do playing this game.
Atari 2600Game Freaks 365 (Jan 07, 2009)
Dark Chambers should have been shelved. If Atari was trying to milk the last bit out of the 2600, this shouldn't have been a title to do it. If you're looking for a good maze-crawl-type game for the system, you're much better off with Secret Quest, which is a great title. Dark Chambers is too bland and has not aged well at all. Heck, the day it was released it hadn't aged well.
Atari 2600The Video Game Critic (Feb 07, 2002)
Since power-ups are never lost once acquired, shooting creeps actually becomes easier as you progress! The one-player mode is a thoroughly dull affair that drags on indefinitely, and the two-player simultaneous mode is equally boring.