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The Dark Heart of Uukrul Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Title screen
Creating a new party
A sample question for your character. What would he/she do?
Character stats
We're off!
A transcription...
which can be read.
Sometimes, you have to translate the transcription to comprehend it.
The map
Prepare to fight!
The combat screen

DOS version

Title screen
Creating a new party
Sample question to create a new character
And the adventure begins!
An inscription on the wall...
...that you sometimes have to translate
Map feature: the party is the red circle, the cursor is the white square, and you can label the map with letters. Very useful!
One of the many Sanctuaries: here, the party can rest, gain level, or stash objects
Prepare to fight!
The combat screen
One of the many teleporter booths. A great way to get around!
When special events occur, you usually have several options to choose from.
Spells and Prayers have to be typed in.
Getting attacked by a wolf
You can always listen at doors before opening them. This can be very useful at times.
Many items have unknown functions. You can either try finding someone who knows more about them or simply use them and see what happens.
Descriptions like this one pop up frequently, helping to intensify the atmosphere.
The game holds many surprises (including areas that can't be mapped ...).