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Dark Seed Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen #1
Title screen #2
Intro sequence
The awakening
Exploring the house
Dark World - balcony
Dark World - Secret room
Dark World - Main Hall of the house

Amiga CD32 version

Title screen.
This does look like a nightmare, indeed.
I just woke up and start exploring my new home.
Nothing interesting here.
The bathroom.
A second bedroom.
Ooh, there's even a balcony with a nice view!
Going downstairs.
My new living room.
The kitchen looks kind of run-down.
What a pity that all the bottles are empty.
Secret room, eh?
The study.
A-ha! I imagined something more spectacular in here.
Something tells me this rope could come in handy later.
What does the postman bring me?
Aww, a cute doll.
My mansion from the outside.
Looks like a nice neighborhood!
The garden.
What a cool ride!

DOS version

Title Screen
Intro Sequence
Intro Sequence
Intro Sequence
First day
2nd day
3rd day
4th day... oops !
Look at the name...
Your friend
The map of an alien experimentation... YOU !
Just be a man, go away !
Alien jail
Your friend on the dark world
Don't try to escape, this is just a piece of...
Welcome to the Dark World!
Be careful
A friend, no, really, a friend
The Lord of the Rings
Secret room
Quiet town street
Klug's food market
Local barber shop
Library entrance
Piece of paper
Treasure chest
Driving a car
Alice trick
On the other side of the mirror
Observation deck
A view through binoculars
Draining victims
In prisoned
Alien cerber
Alien prison warden
Dreketh Guards recruitment center
Alien control center

SEGA Saturn version

The title screen.. of sorts.
Title screen, normal version
Our 70's porn-star-looking hero gets implanted with the Dark Seed.
Waking up from a nightmare. Your character will bitch about his headache repeatedly until you do something about it.
Note that the game runs in an unusually high resolution for Sega Saturn... 640x240, with vertical pixels.
The attic.
While walking around this room your character will repeatedly note the creaky planks.
Browsing the inventory
The main entrance.
The kitchen.
All these empty bottles! Now I know what caused that headache!
This car doesn't look drivable
Checking the car's interior
Circling around the mansion
Home sweet home
The path through the woods
Reading tombstones