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Dark Shadows: Army of Evil Credits (24 people)

A Burian Media Enterprises Production

Lead ProgrammerRichard Burian
Game Design & Story Design byRichard Burian
Theme MusicFelipe Vassão
Menu MusicAudio Quattro (Audio Quattro)
Music byRichard Altenbach, Adam Skorupa, Jorn Lavoll, Mark Petrie, Erik Haddad, Dave Klotz, Dan Phillipson, Joel Staudler
A7 Game EngineConitec Datasystems
3D Art and 2D ArtBurian Software Development
VoiceJochen Werner
Sound, Loopix
Day and Night WeathersystemLoopix
Textures and Skins byArteria 3D, Loopix, Dexsoft Multimedia, Mayang Murni Adnin
3D ModelsArteria 3D, Dexsoft Multimedia, Loopix, Turbo-Squid, 3DRT, 3dBud, Burian Software, Blattsalat Universe

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Credits for this game were contributed by Trond Berntsen (3273)