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Dark Strokes: Sins of the Fathers Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Fiancé Clair
Main menu
Game start
Train compartment - objects
Cutscene train explosion
Need to help Clair that is tangled in a net
Putting out the train fire
Shed - objects
Gate lock puzzle
Clair now free from the net going to take sky tram
Arriving at the station a Faceless One appears and takes Clair
City street near the mortuary
Street Stand - objects
Door lock puzzle - Faceless Ones laboratory
The Faceless Ones are doing something to Clair
Faceless Ones laboratory - objects
Town square
Forbidden Gates
City Hall
City Hall – objects
Ethan’s father
Cutscene of Faceless One on top of building watching you
Chamber below City Hall
Vault puzzle
Inside the Forbidden City
Inside the Forbidden City
Mary Duran
Forbidden City entrance - objects
Cathedral Hall