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    Dark Summit — Uncover the mystery atop Mount Garrick. The military has mysteriously closed the summit of Mount Garrick and the evil Chief O'Leary is trying desperately to drive boarders off the mountain. Do you have what it takes to explore this vast terrain and expose the conspiracy shrouded at the summit?

    Contributed by havoc of smeg (22285) on Jun 27, 2010. - Playstation 2:
    Snowboarders have never felt welcome on Mt. Garrick, a once quiet and peaceful ski resort. Chief O'Leary, the resident ranger, has led the charge against boarders and limited their access to certain sections of the mountain. But the situation is mounting.Chief O'Leary has mysteriously closed the summit to all boarders and is trying desperately to drive them off the mountain. Shred, jib and stomp sick tricks in the first ever mission-based snowboarding game. Free ride this vast mountain and earn reputation points to boost your status and unlock restricted areas on your way to the summit. But be prepared, Chief O'Leary will not go down without a fight.

    • First of its kind - the only action adventure snowboarding videogame with mission based objectives

    • More than 45 mountain based challenges and missions including Half Pipe Hero, Heads Will Roll, Clear the Table and Backcountry Helicopter

    • A huge mountain to unlock and explore, from the bunny slopes to the summit

    • An innovative reward system based on reputation points (i.e. the player's status on the mountain)

    • Expansive runs to explore

    • Physics-based board simulation for tight, responsive controls allowing for realistic carving, shredding, jibbing and more

    • Tons of high tech equipment upgrades based on reputation point

    Contributed by DreinIX (10673) on Jan 04, 2009.

    This winter, Mt. Garrick is heating up.

    While most pro snowboarders worry about their rotation axes and keeping their sponsors happy, THQ's new star rider Naya is more concerned with gun-toting ski patrols and dangerous sinkholes filled with radioactive green goo. All this, and she doesn't even wear a helmet!

    Naya is the main character in Dark Summit, a mission-based snowboarding game which takes a fresh look at the extreme sports genre. Instead of just racing down the mountain busting as many tricks as possible, you'll have to help Naya solve a mystery surrounding suspicious activity on the slopes of Mt. Garrick. Of course, you still have to stick lots of tricks as you get your sleuth on.

    Dark Summit's creepy tale takes place on Mt. Garrick, where a shady organization has shut down the mountain. Dodging the villainous ski patrol, Naya sets out to get to the bottom of things. To do this, she first needs to get to the top of the mountain. Mt. Garrick features six extremely long runs and 45 challenges for Naya to complete.

    Challenges vary from transporting bombs to landing outlandish tricks and combos. As you complete objectives, you'll earn Lift Points which are used to unlock new areas of the mountain. You'll also earn Equipment Points which can be cashed in for new equipment, clothes and other accessories. To solve the mystery and re-open the mountain to snowboarders, you'll have to make it to the top of the mountain.

    The trick system in Dark Summit is very simple and easy to master. The system may seem too straightforward for serious extreme sports fans, but since you have to land tricks and complete challenges at the same time, the overall experience feels well-balanced.

    Dark Summit's real appeal lies in the single-player mode, but THQ has included a few two-player modes to keep things interesting even after you've restored Mt. Garrick to its former glory. One of the most interesting features is Wrecking Ball Mode, which challenges two players to see who can destroy the most objects on a single run.

    Dark Summit is an entertaining game which mixes an intriguing story, a rad leading lady and action-packed gameplay into a single solid package. We definitely appreciate its fresh look at a genre which has been feeling a little crowded lately.

    Game progress is saved to a Nintendo GameCube Memory Card 59 (four Memory Blocks are required).

    Contributed by Xoleras (66813) on May 12, 2005.

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    The Military has mysteriously closed the summit of Mt. Garrick and Chief O'Leary is trying desperately to drive boarders off the mountain. Do you have what it takes to explore this vast terrain and expose the conspiracy shrouded at the Summit?

    Experience the first action-adventure on the slopes!

    - Complete 45 challenges & missions to reach the summit - Jib & grind everything on the mountain - Locate bomb parts and launch avalanche cannons - Pull off crazy detachable board tricks

    Contributed by JPaterson (9551) on Nov 24, 2001.