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PlayStation 3 version

The intro unveils the plot of the story.
Death arrives at his first destination.
The player can use the horse right from the beginning.
Main menu

Windows version

Death arrives at the Fortress.
Dialogue options are quite an unusual sight for hack and slash game.
New attacks are available at the trainers for looted gold.
The neutral area provides various activities for player to participate in.
Monster finishing in Death's true form.
Riding the construct, a powerful war machine.

Xbox 360 version

Screen from the introduction
The prologue also acts as a tutorial
In your first fight ...
... you will use the scythe
But you can find other weapons and loot dropped by enemies
Treasure chests can provide equipment as well
Inventory Screen
Skill Tree
Abilities screen
Moves list
In order to proceed, you will have to do a lot of jumping
Gold in front of a frozen enemy
Your first mini boss
Yes, definitely a small one
Pull the trigger to start the elevator
A strange device in the distance ... wonder what this is
Story is told in cutscenes
Now the game begins for real in a different location
Skill points are needed to master the skill trees
This dude has weird proportions
You can assign items and skills to quick buttons
This structure in the distance looks quite interesting
Welcome to Tri-Stone, the first major hub in your adventure
Hello big guy, have something to sell?
Shop menu
Besides items, you can also buy moves from some trainers
Map view
You can use this device to send items to friends on XBOX Live
You will also receive gifts from certain NPCs via the mailbox
Looks like dwarven architecture .... too bad there are no dwarves in this game
You can also swim and dive in the game
No real horseman without a proper steed
And everyone's favorite ... collectibles
This door can only be opened with a special key, which is usually well hidden
Smash the stuff to reveal items and enemies
You died (yes, even Death can die)
Treasure chests a displayed on the minimap
another Miniboss
Besides the scythe, you can use some really weird clubs and hammers
Meet my new best buddy

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