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Darkstalkers 3 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Player select
Portraits before fight
Hitting a basket
Nice effect
Rocket launcher
Catch a rocket!
Winner's speech
Surprised Rikuo
Special move
Inner world
Fast slash
BB.Hood vs Dimitri
Poor vampire
"Final" boss Jedah
Phantasmagoria's scene
Zombie bits
BB.Hood missed humanoid bee
Felicia's low kick
Her twin sisters
Hsien-Ko's claws are good weapons
Like a wrecking ball
Bishamon has katana - sword is pretty useful
Rikuo's second world
Back's attack
Long arms
Sasquatch in action
Game over

PlayStation version

Title screen
Title screen (Japanese version)
Character selection
Main menu
Versus screen
Aiming to stop Felicia's "cat"-helper offensive, Lei-Lei (Hsien-Ko) performs her move Reflect Gong.
Zabel Zarock (Lord Raptor) using his move Death Hurricane against Bulleta's (B.B. Hood's) offensive.
Gallon (J. Talbain) blocking successfully Q-Bee's counter-attack: her High "multi-little-bee" Punch.
Pyron strikes back Bishamon with his move Soul Smasher, but the samurai ghost doesn't reacts anyway!
With the use of his defensive posture, Donovan is prepared to block Phobos' (Huitzil's) Plasma Beam!
Bishamon tries to hit-damage Anakaris, but he's suddenly hit-injured by Anakaris' attack Cobra Blow.
Lei-Lei (Hsien-Ko) attempts to hit-attack Jedah, but his trapping move Nero = Fatica was superior...
Aiming to stop Lilith's attack, Gallon (John Talbain) uses his nunchaku-based move Million Flicker.
Trying to damage Sasquatch, Felicia performs her move Cat Spike... even during his move Big Breath!
Aulbath (Rikuo) gets to hit-paralyze Lei-Lei (Hsien-Ko) with the mid-range of his Sonic Wave attack.
Victor's match against Zabel Zarock (Lord Raptor) starts with the power of a fast-and-furious punch!
Lei-Lei's (Hsien-Ko's) move Guillotine Swing being executed simultaneously to Demitri's Chaos Flare.
Through his lightning-based move "Kill Shred: Thunder", Donovan attempts to hit Q-Bee, but he fails.
Even during Bulleta's (B.B. Hood's) EX Move Cool Hunting execution, Q-Bee uses her "Qj" EX Attack...
In an attempt to avoid Anakaris' ES Move Coffin Fall for some instants, Demitri performs his dash.
To avoid be hit-damaged by Pyron's EX Move Cosmo Disruption, Q-Bee assumes her defensive position.
Demonstration battle: the instant where P1 Donovan hits P2 Donovan with his EX Move Change Immortal.
Post-match screen.
After 34 massive-non-stopping hits, Aulbath (Rikuo) is beaten by Felicia's EX Move "Please Help Me".
Training session battle with Lilith performing successfully her EX Move Gloomy Puppet Show in Pyron.
The massive impact of a simultaneous offensive went too much for both Bulleta (B.B. Hood) and Q-Bee!
Now, Morrigan Aensland performs her attack Soul Fist (ES version) against a defensive Anakaris...
Sasquatch uses his spinning-like blow Typhoon Kick against Lilith Aensland, but she blocks on time.
Demitri aims to jump over Gallon (John Talbain), that attempts a defensive-claw-based counterattack.
Q-Bee hit-damages Sasquatch through her ES Attack C -> R: now, he was temporarily cocoon-trapped...
Thanks to his spinning attack Tricky Fish, Aulbath (Rikuo) successfully hit-damages Q-Bee once more!
Using his EX Move Midnight Bliss, Demitri grabs Felicia successfully and starts to blood-injury her.
Felicia aims to strike back Jedah, but unfortunately, he escapes using the range of his Flying Dash.
Hsien-Ko wins
Using her move Happy Missile, Bulleta (B.B. Hood) strikes back Lei-Lei's (Hsien-Ko's) handsaw punch.
Victor Von Gerdenheim performs his move Mega Fist against Lilith, but she jumps on time to avoid it.
Bishamon starts quickly a swording counterattack: his current goal now is to hit-stop Pyron's kick!
Bulleta (B.B. Hood) takes advantage of Anakaris' taunt and uses her Shy Strike move (ES version)...
Gallon (J. Talbain) executes his move Beast Cannon against Donovan Baine, that escapes using a jump.
After several minutes fighting, P1 Jedah hit-finishes P2 Jedah with his EX Move Prova = Del = Servo.
This time, the major menace to Anakaris' jump maneuver is Lilith Aensland's EX Move Splendor Love...
Phobos (Huitzil) takes advantage of Pyron's open guard and performs his EX Attack Final Guardian B.
X-AENSLAND (a customized Morrigan) injuries Pyron with the 28 hits of her Ex Move Darkness Illusion.
B. B. Hood is making a torrnado attack to Hsien-Ko and causes some damage to her.
Now Morrigan is attacking Hsien-Ko with an special move like clones.
Poor Hsien-Ko, she is being attacked by Jedah creating a monster combo.

Official Screenshots

  • Darkstalkers 3 Screenshot
    PlayStation Store (Hong Kong)
  • Darkstalkers 3 Screenshot
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  • Darkstalkers 3 Screenshot
    PlayStation Store (Hong Kong)