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Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
System configuration, where the usual settings like the number of rounds can be adjusted.
Scene from the introduction
The character selection
Anakaris has some weird attacks, this here isn't even some kind of sophisticated special
And here we have a "Jumping Zombie Chainsaw Attack" performed against the vampire character of the game. And again, it's just a standard move.
After a win, the obligatory winning quote.
Lord Raptor sliced in two by Bishamon
Wolfman VS Catwoman. Natural enemies, I suppose.
As shown here, Jon Talbain probably went to Guile's school of special moves.
Lord Raptor hitting the first boss of the game, the robot Huitzil
Blocking a sonic attack by Merman Rikuo.
Of course, the Bigfoot character of the game has to have an attack involving exactly that.
More weirdness from Anakaris, as he defends against succubus Morrigan coming from above
Beefed up fireball by Demitri. Talbain unfortunately blocks it.
Here was the werewolf less fortunate, as he was just being roasted by the final boss.