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Darkwatch Screenshots

User Screenshots

Xbox version

The title screen
The start menu
Loading screens tell you a little about the level.
In single player you can select what chapter you wish to play.
You can be good or evil in this game.
When you save or kill an innocent, you get a good or bad power up.
These tainted victims replenish your health if you suck them or add to your good spirit bar if you set them free.
Plungers need to be pressed to blow open doors.
This woman is from the Darkwatch.
This guy is the vampire you let loose!
Banshees are one of the most annoying enemies in this game!
Reapers can appear from any direction.
Keggers are highly dangerous!
This old bone yard is full of death and its after you!
This mine is a vicious place.
The Darkwatch base and its snowing!
I wonder what the Darkwatch have been up to?
You can lean around corners.
The blood vision allows you to see enemies and weapons in the dark.
Pickled heads and alcohol what a great combination!
Twin pistols make quick work of enemies.
Sniping is always fun!
The sniper reloading animation is great.
Dynamite is great for blowing up multiple enemies or just making them run for cover!
It's not just guns you get to play with!

Official Screenshots

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