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You can forget about Payne now PlayStation 2 MAT (186618)
A fun game with lots to like, but it's just way too long and way too repetitive. Windows kbmb (435)
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GameCube 9 3.6
PlayStation 2 8 4.0
Windows 7 3.4
Xbox 10 3.3
Xbox 360 Awaiting 5 votes...
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Combined User Score 34 3.6

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XboxGame Chronicles (Sep 05, 2002)
Namco has quite possibly redefined the action genre or at least given it a fresh new look. I anxiously await their next venture into this genre while at the same time look forward to seeing what other companies will be releasing to go up against Jack and Shadow. While the closing movie was ambiguous about a possible sequel, there is always going to be criminals and crime in the seedy Grant city, and where there is crime there is always a place for a cop and his dog.
XboxXBox Solution (XBS) (Sep 22, 2002)
While the control could have been better, and the camera sytem needs a little work, Dead To Rights offers an experience that is well worth it. Suggestions for a sequel would be to improve the camera, control, and add an enemy fire indicator.
XboxNetjak (Aug 26, 2002)
Despite the less-then-mediocre camera movement and control, Dead To Right is a fun romp through a Hong Kong-like movie with all the thrilling elements and action sequences that would make John Woo proud. Perhaps I see a movie spin-off in the near future.
86 (Mar 18, 2003)
The Wachowski brothers could obviously never have guessed what effect their life work, The Matrix, would create. Not only did they become millionairs, a lot of recent movies used the much acclaimed bullet time. But this nifty trick also found his way into the gaming industry and has already filled our hearts with happiness. Max Payne was an awesome game and developer Namco noticed this success as well. They immediately ran into their offices to come up with Dead to Rights for XBOX. But can sensational moves and loads of guns carry away a professional reviewer ? :)
XboxIGN (Aug 15, 2002)
Dead to Rights delivers. It's a great challenge and an absolute blast to play. Yes, there are some faults (and major ones) but that can't keep the game from being a great deal of fun. Had the fighting engine been better, this one would easily trounce Max Payne as king of the bullet-time games. But the fighting is too plain, too poor, and there's far too much of it. Namco may have been too subtle in presenting this as a movie-style game. You'll hear comments that you dismiss early on that actually have a subtle relevance later on. Things that in a Stallone movie would include a close up on Sly's face as he made the odd remark. Something that made it stand out. And then at the end of the movie, after the final battle, the audience would have that line pop back into their head and they'd smile.
XboxGameSpy (Aug 14, 2002)
Even with its visual shortcomings and ambition that keeps the game from being as tight as it could have been, Dead to Rights is a riot, packed full of non-stop action that will have you and the buddies playing hours through the night. Finishing DTR will take anywhere from 12 to 20 hours depending on your skill level, all while marveling at the carnage and cool gameplay mechanics that make the game so unique.
GameCubeGaming Target (Jan 27, 2002)
Dead to Rights is made up of straightforward gunslinging with a dose of Hollywood theatrics. In addition to some brutal disarming moves and being able to take your enemies as human shields, Dead to Rights employs an adrenaline system that allows you to target multiple enemies while diving across the war zone. We've seen the effect before, both in games and movies, but it works well and becomes vital to successfully making your way through the game. Another feature that helps to even the playing field is your faithful K-9 companion Shadow. When you call upon Shadow, he viscously disembowels an opponent and brings back their weapon for you to use.
XboxActionTrip (Sep 16, 2002)
Finally, I should just add that this game features sexy looking strippers in tight thongs! And you get to play one! I mean, what more can you ask for really? (Ed. - Apparently, 2Lions has always wanted to be a stripper.) Nice to see that Namco didn't really feel like making a politically correct game. So, besides getting to shoot one million bad guys in less than two in-game minutes, you get to check out "curvy" strippers wrapping their tight bodies around that pole! Need I say more? Buy this game; you'll like it, even despite some of its irritating shortcomings.
GameCubeIGN (Nov 18, 2002)
Namco's Dead to Rights is splendid action opus. Obviously inspired by the adventures of John McClane, Martin Riggs, and similar unlikely heroes, this particular take on the one-man army captures their spirit like few have before it. My only wish was that the challenge from the Xbox version made it through with the rest of the changes. Unfortunately it did not, and when combined with the still-broken hand-to-hand fighting mechanic and level structure that keeps you moving forward no matter the circumstances, the DTR's potential runs a little short.
PlayStation 2Gaming Target (Jan 08, 2003)
The "to be PlayStation 2 exclusive" turned Xbox exclusive, turned limited time Xbox exclusive, turned improved multi-system port is now home where it was meant to be originally in a surprising line of events. Dead to Rights as you probably already know is Namco's Max Payne-esque release where you're that one guy that needs to kill everybody, everywhere, for whatever reason. Except, unlike Max Payne, Dead to Rights was meant for console play. Being a console oriented game; Dead to Rights is quite the unexpected surprise for the Holiday season.
PlayStation 2GameSpy (Nov 25, 2002)
There are intense comparisons to Namco's Dead to Rights with the fast-paced and highly charged Hong Kong action films that launched the careers of John Woo, Ringo Lam and Chow Yun Fat. However after a short while it becomes clear that this game is closer to the second tier works that came out of the former British colony during its cinematic heyday in the late 1980s and 1990s.
PlayStation 2IGN (Nov 18, 2002)
Some of you may remember the great Street Fighter II craze of the early 1990s. The biggest, most popular game in the arcades for an unfathomable amount of years, SF2 was a sought-after property for both Sega and Nintendo as they battled for the hottest franchise around. Eventually snagged by Mario and company, Street Fighter II and Street Fighter II: Turbo Hyper Fighting went on to become some of the successful and popular Super Nintendo assets there were. For the longest time, gamers who craved their own brand of Ryu justice had one system and one system only to turn to.
GameCubeGameplanet (Aug 29, 2003)
A fantastic game that acheives exactly what it set out to - it's fun. In spades. A great, old style (think: Double Dragon) shooter / beat 'em up, with fun galore. Get it.
XboxGame Over Online (Oct 09, 2002)
In the end, Rights has a lot more going for it. You've got fist fighting, you've got control of a K9 sidekick, the usual assortment of guns and the mini-games thrown in to give it a one-up, feature for feature, over that other bad cop's revenge title. By virtue of all these additions, I'm thinking the developers thought this would make their piece of work more accessible to a larger audience; people who would normally not touch a gun-blazing game. However, the escalated difficulty of mixing all these together (now instead of one or two game types, you have half a dozen) and inconsistency in pacing the sequences ironically makes the holistic package less accessible. Ultimately, Rights earns the 'right' to call itself a good game but whether it can catapult itself to the pantheon of greatness is more of a debate.
XboxGameCell UK (2003)
Dead to Rights isn't much more than an arcadey Max Payne, it plays smoothly and the graphics are good, there are some truly excellent mini-games and the dog is really cool, but if your looking for depth and tactics in your shooter than DtR most definitely isn't for you.
GameCubeGamePro (US) (Dec 16, 2002)
Dead to Rights is right on target for all-out action fun on the GameCube. Dead to Rights targets the GameCube with the same in-your-face energy that made it an instant hit with PS2 action gamers. You are cop Jack Slate hitting the crime-filled streets searching for the criminal scum that set up your father.
PlayStation 2GameZone (Dec 13, 2002)
Namco's Hollywood inspired action game, Dead to Rights, which was released for the Xbox console in August is now also available for PS2 owners to enjoy. The game's fairly involved storyline revolves around a cop, Jack Slate, who after discovering his father dead, decides to seek the murderer and avenge the killing. Unfortunately, for Jack, this manhunt doesn't quite go as planned and almost immediately he ends up getting framed for another murder. As things continue to snowball on him, Jack will run from the police and fight against lawless villains with only the help of his trusty dog Shadow and a few others.
GameCubeN-Zone (Mar 24, 2003)
Eigentlich handelt es sich nur um einen Routineauftrag, zu dem Musterbulle Jack Slate eines lauschigen Sommerabends gerufen wird. Doch dieser Auftrag ist alles andere als Routine. Zusammen mit seinem vierbeinigen Begleiter Shadow wird der Cop in einen Sumpf aus Korruption, Betrug und organisiertem Verbrechen gezogen, aus dem er nur mit blanker Waffengewalt wieder herauskommt.
WindowsGameZone (Dec 24, 2003)
Overall, though Dead to Rights does contain a few features not available on other games like it, it doesn’t do enough in separating itself from the group of recent action titles trying to get a little of the spotlight still focused around Max Payne 2. But if you are looking for a nice action game after completing MP2, you may just find it here.
XboxGameZone (Aug 21, 2002)
On one hand I love Dead to Rights, and on the other, I'm disappointed. Can these mini-games be overlooked? For diligent gamers, the answer is a definite yes. I am a diligent gamer, which is why I overlooked them as much as I could and decided to give DTR the high score it deserved. For everyone else, the answer may be no. And if you can't overlook the mini-games, which take up a large portion of DTR, then you may not have the desire to play through the entire game. That'd be a real shame, because you'd be missing out on a lot of fun. I understand why you'd want to quit. A game shouldn't have parts that you want to rush through. Every moment should be a joy. However, in listening to gamers whine about the lack of diversity in video games, Namco tried to do something different and cram a whole bunch of gameplay styles into one title. Regardless of the outcome, Namco should be commended for their efforts.
PlayStation 2PSX Extreme (Jan 05, 2003)
When it's all over, Dead to Rights is certainly a good concept pulled off nicely enough to enjoy it thoroughly. While it does contain its flaws and isn't as solid as one could've hoped, it still boasts a gripping story, good gameplay, and just an addicting nature. Dead to Rights is definitely a series we hope doesn't stop here.
77 (Dec 15, 2003)
If there's one thing the NGC misses, it must be brute force action games with adult content. The smart and friendly people over at Namco must have realised this too. After all, despite what Nintendo seems to think, gaming isn't just for kids.
XboxGameSpot (Aug 14, 2002)
Despite its appealing premise, the gameplay of Dead to Rights won't appeal to everyone. The game gets very hard in a hurry, and then it mostly just keeps getting harder from there. It's the sort of game that many are likely to stop playing in frustration and never come back to. But, armed with the knowledge that the game does get better as it wears on, you may find yourself enjoying Dead to Rights as you force your way through its numerous, seemingly impossible scenarios. The game could have certainly been better in a number of ways, but if you're the sort who's been able to finish most recent games without breaking a sweat, then you'll likely respect the challenge that this one has to offer.
GameCubeGameSpot (Nov 20, 2002)
Nothing delivers a vicarious thrill quite like a slick, big-budget action movie. Hollywood blockbusters like Face/Off and The Rock, or some of Hong Kong's finest like The Killer and A Better Tomorrow, put you right in the middle of intense modern-day shoot-outs between the goodest good guys and the baddest bad guys. Films like these are undeniably exciting, but they sometimes leave you wondering how on earth the good guys managed to beat those impossible odds. The answer is obvious--the movie isn't real. Of course, Namco's Dead to Rights isn't real, either. But if you've ever wondered what it might feel like to be the lone action hero up against a ridiculous number of enemies, this game is about as close as you'll get.
PlayStation 2GameSpot (Nov 20, 2002)
If you've ever wondered what it might feel like to be the lone action hero up against a ridiculous number of enemies, this game is about as close as you'll get.
GameCube64 Power / big.N / N Games (Dec, 2002)
Probleme machen weniger deine Gegner, sondern die Kameraführung. Gerade in engen Räumen führen die mörderischen Schwenks der Linse oft zu Jacks Tod. Die optionale Speicherfunktion kann hier Schlimmeres verhindern. Der unfaire Schwierigkeitsgrad des Xbox-Originals wurde von Namco korrigiert. Dennoch verfügt Dead to Rights über viele bleierne Passagen, die nur mittels Schnellspeicherfunktion nervenschonend zu meistern sind. Jacks Figur wurde schön modelliert und animiert. Leider musste das Drumherum etwas zurückstecken - auf dem GameCube wäre optisch deutlich mehr drin gewesen.
75 (Nov 16, 2003)
While the game does have its shortcomings I found Dead to Rights to be an enjoyable experience. It did one thing extremely well; it put you into the action. I recommend the game to any action fans out there. While it’s not perfect it is fun! So give Dead to Rights a try!
75 (Sep 05, 2003)
Dead To Rights tente de reprendre la formule Max Payne en enrichissant un peu le gameplay et y parvient assez bien. On regrettera surtout que l'ambiance n'y soit pas aussi extrêmement réussie et que la réalisation graphique soit si pauvre. Cela n'empêche pas Namco de signer là un excellent jeu d'action.
PlayStation (Sep 05, 2003)
Dead To Rights tente de reprendre la formule Max Payne en enrichissant un peu le gameplay et y parvient assez bien. On regrettera surtout que l'ambiance n'y soit pas aussi extrêmement réussie et que la réalisation graphique soit si pauvre. Cela n'empêche pas Namco de signer là un excellent jeu d'action.
75 (Feb 27, 2003)
Dead To Rights tente de reprendre la formule Max Payne en enrichissant un peu le gameplay et y parvient assez bien. On regrettera surtout que l'ambiance n'y soit pas aussi extrêmement réussie et que la réalisation graphique soit si mauvaise. Cela n'empêche pas Namco de signer là un excellent jeu d'action.
WindowsIGN (Nov 13, 2003)
The game is a good deal of fun once the patch is in place. Had the fighting engine been better, this one could have trounced Max Payne as king of the bullet-time games. But the fighting is too plain, too poor, and there's far too much of it. Namco may have been too subtle in presenting this as a movie-style game. You'll hear comments that you dismiss early on that actually have a subtle relevance later on. Things that in a Stallone movie would include a close up on Sly's face as he made the odd remark.
WindowsShooterplanet (Aug 12, 2004)
Dead to Rights ist nach den beiden Max Payne-Teilen sicher einer der beste Vertreter des Genres. Viel Action, mit tollen Kampfeinlagen und interessanten Features. Leider mangelt es etwas an Abwechslung und an guter Grafik. Ansonsten kann man das Spiel jedem empfehlen, der auf gute Action steht. Auch Taktiker können einen Blick riskieren, aber bitte ohne große Hoffnungen.
XboxDarkZero (Jul 02, 2004)
Dead to Rights offers tense battles, a story that could fit right in a comic, mini-games, great boss battles and most of all: Brutality. If you liked Max Payne, you will certainly enjoy this. The game provides a constant challenge making it hard to complete every time, plus unlocking all the disarms is something most gamers would want to do. This game does have issues; nevertheless it’s fun, plain and simple. If you can get it for a reasonable price, then I definitely recommend it.
WindowsGameSpot (Nov 24, 2003)
We experienced a major bug in the first level of the game, which prevented us from playing any further. Publisher Hip Games quickly addressed the problem with a patch, and the rest of the time we spent with the game was spent without incident. Or, rather, it was spent without any additional technical foibles, as the game itself is full of "incidents" and pure action. Though Dead to Rights looks like a watered-down port of an aging console game (in fact, its looks were never its strong suit), its gameplay still holds up and survives the translation intact. It's not just another cookie-cutter shooter but plays differently in a number of key ways. So if you're looking for a unique twist on the single-player PC shooter, then Dead to Rights is worth your while.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux) (Dec 24, 2003)
DTR is niet echt de Max Payne killer die het claimt te zijn, maar dit spel heeft toch genoeg potentieel om alvast uit te kijken naar het reeds aangekondigde DTR 2. Kort, repetitief, geen multiplayer en al bij al gewoon een zwakke Max Payne kloon. Je kan beter voor 'the real thing' gaan.
PlayStation (Sep 29, 2003)
Dead To Rights is a solid action title that could have been a lot better with improved visuals, a bit more tweaking and better hand-to-hand combat. The storyline is adequate and Shadow adds a bit of fun to the mix. Having said that, Dead To Rights is well below Namco's best, and there are much better action titles on the Playstation 2. The actual game is fairly short (well under 10 hours gameplay) as well, so it may be better off as a rental.
WindowsPC Gamer (Feb, 2004)
Jack Slate suffers from an identity crisis. On the one hand, he thinks he’s Chow Yun-Fat in The Replacement Killers. On the other, he thinks he’s our friend Max Payne. But what Mr. Slate can’t escape is his true identity: just another console-port action hero.
WindowsGamereactor (Denmark) (Jan 21, 2004)
Lyden er lige lovligt enerverende, ikke mindst er musikken til tider svær at finde i lydbilledet for kugleregnen. Til gengæld fungerer grafikken ganske udmærket, selv om figurerne er tegnet relativt groft og firkantet. Ikke de store detaljer, ikke så voldsomt imponerende textures, blot ok til formålet. Derfor ender Dead to Rights med at være velfungerende, medrivende og men hurtigt overstået underholdning, hvor man ikke just får sendt de små grå på overarbejde.
PlayStation 2Gamereactor (Denmark) (Sep 05, 2003)
DtRs grafiske flade forekommer ikke helt tidssvarende og skyldes overvejende, at spillet har været længe under udvikling. Polygonopbygningen fremstår temmelig kantet og er langt fra det flotteste, vi har set på maskinen. Omvendt er det heller ikke noget af det værste, maksinen har spyttet ud hidtil - særligt FMV filmene er nydelige. I modsætning til Xbox versionen er denne udgave ret nem, så her kan alle være med. DtR kan sagtens anbefales. Namco har sat fokus på gameplayet, som er både actionfyldt og afvekslende, mens grafikken halter noget bagefter. Det kan nemt gennemføres på 8-10 timer, men der er til gengæld god underholdning i hvert minut.
XboxGamereactor (Denmark) (Mar 18, 2003)
Et andet og mere presserende problem er, at mange sekvenser er alt for langtrukne og kedelige. Det er ærgerligt, da netop det omskiftelige tempo burde være titlens force. Med det sagt, så gemmer der sig dog stadig timers solid underholdning.
XboxGamereactor (Sweden) (May 17, 2003)
För att summera spelet som sådant så är det ett på alla sätt givet köp om man är ett fan av actiongenren. Spelet är varierande, avslappnat och levererar en story full av sköna filmklichéer. Man vill gärna fortsätta spela hela tiden, vilket är ett gott tecken. Gillar man inte actiongenren är det dock varning som gäller. Den aviga spelkontrollen kombinerat med det hysteriska skjutandet gör Dead to Rights 100% umbärligt för den som inte är ett fan av Hong Kong-action och hjärndött pangande. Jag hade genuint kul med spelet, men bristerna finns där. Det är ett bra och underhållande spel, men inte ett perfekt och superkul.
XboxX-Power (Mar 26, 2003)
Ben je op zoek naar een soortgelijke game als Max Payne kan je Dead To Rights zeker in overweging nemen. De game is zeker niet perfect maar met de tekortkomingen valt zeker te leven. Sterke punten zijn de erg vlotte gameplay, geluid en de levensduur. De onophoudelijke actie zorgt voor een spel dat je weinig of geen rustpauzes gunt. Explosies bij de vleet en de kogels vliegen je letterlijk rond de oren. Van iets mindere kwaliteit zijn de graphics en de camera kan soms onhandig uit de hoek komen. Het verhaal is een cliché en hebben we al talloze malen in andere varianten gezien maar dat mag de pret niet drukken. Al bij al is Dead To Rights een game dat je zeker kan entertainen. Een spel dat zich probleemloos tussen de middenmoot kan vestigen maar de echte topgames nooit zal bedreigen.
WindowsJoystick (French) (Dec, 2003)
Dead to Rights est un jeu techniquement dépassé, mais son facteur d'amusement en fait un titre à ne pas dédaigner. Sauf si vous êtes un être sensible et doux bien sûr.
XboxGamePro (US) (Aug 19, 2002)
In the end, Dead to Rights good days outnumber its bad ones, and it’s worthwhile to trudge through the occasional dull punch-fight and inane spat of dialogue to get to the next wicked little gunfight. When Jack Slate is on, he’s on.
PlayStation 2GamePro (US) (Dec 18, 2002)
On the surface, this John Woo?inspired shooter owes a lot to Max Payne, right down to the hard-boiled narration and bullet-time feature, but some clever gameplay elements and amusing mini-games give Dead to Rights its own flavor, and one that is pretty tasty at that?for the most part.
GameCubeCUBE (UK Magazine) (Aug, 2003)
Considering the amount of bullets and blood that ends up flying around the screen at any one time, the framerate manages to stay pretty smooth. On a brighter note, the voice acting and music is pretty sweet with convincing dialogue and tunes that get you pumped for action. The action, story and move-set keep things moderately interesting, but after a while the woolly targeting starts to grate. The presentation feels like a 32-bit title though, and the game mechanics lack any satisfying depth. If you’re after a fairly mindless, shallow arcade romp this might fit the bill, at a push. Just. If you're really bored... Dead to Rights has its plus points, but there's nothing here that jumps out at you.
65 (Dec 10, 2003)
Dead To Rights sort un peu trop tard et aura du mal à se faire une place au soleil sur PC, Max Payne 2 tenant lieu de gigantesque parasol. Si on peut reprocher au jeu ses graphismes épurés, quelques soucis de caméra ainsi qu'une adaptation PC un peu foireuse (souris non gérée dans les menus, jeu qui se déconnecte en pleine partie, c'est très rare ceci dit), le jeu n'en possède pas moins de bons atouts (diversité des phases de jeu, action soutenue, boss demandant une technique particulière pour être battus) et une fois dedans on prend pas mal de plaisir à diriger Jack malgré une violence exacerbée qui ne rime pas à grand-chose.
60 (Feb 06, 2004)
It should happen to you. You’re a cop and while being on the beat you get called for something which seems like a little problem but once arrived at the scene of the crime you get shot at and only half a level further you see your dad getting killed by a gang of masked gangsters.
60 (UK) (Feb 21, 2003)
Like a bit of blam-blam-blam and like the sound of the combat system? You will probably enjoy Dead to Rights. You won't spend endless hours with it and love no other, but I would strongly advise a rental - because even if you don't buy it, you'll have plenty of fun for the first few hours. But despite throwing in a canine companion, button-tapping mini-games and retweaking difficulty levels and so on between NTSC and PAL, Dead to Rights is fundamentally underwhelming to look at, repetitive to play and riddled with more flaws than bullet holes, and this'll stick like rigour mortis after your fiftieth fistfight.
WindowsGameSpy (Dec 18, 2003)
Dead To Rights is a fun action game, but at its heart, it still feels like a year-old console title. There's no multiplayer, and the action is frequently interrupted by multiple load times. However, if you've finished Max Payne 2 and need a few more rounds of exciting third-person action, chances are you'll enjoy it as much as I did.
60 (Mar 20, 2003)
Dead to Rights ist eine schwere Enttäuschung. Das gesamte Gameplay ist schlichtweg langweilig und die verschiedenen Elemente wiederholen sich auch zu oft, nur mit der Änderung, dass sich die Gegnerzahl zum Ende hin immer weiter verdoppelt. Würde zumindest die Grafik etwas ansehnlicher sein und somit zum Weiterspielen motivieren, könnte man mit der gebotenen Action wenigstens noch ein paar Stunden Spaß haben. In dem Zustand, wie sich Dead to Rights auf der Xbox präsentiert, können wir von einem Kauf aber nur abraten.
XboxGames TM (Jan, 2003)
Namco has tried its best to make something with a lot more variation and depth. Sadly, the fact that it has tried to squeeze so much in has resulted in some elements feeling unfinished and rather shallow. It certainly has its moments, but far too often problems with the camera or connection between characters makes it all feel cheaper than it should.
60 (UK) (Dec 10, 2003)
All that said, by Christmas 2003 Dead to Rights has aged rather poorly. It was originally released on Xbox over a year ago in the US and hasn't really changed to any great extent since then. It's been tweaked (repeatedly, actually), but in cop cliché terms it's still Dark Blue to Max Payne's Training Day. And in English, it lacks the style, glossy finish and gunslinging simplicity of Max, and particularly its unadventurous but hugely enjoyable sequel. It also lacks the narrative draw, even if it has the gravely voice and gritty banter. In short, it'll probably last you longer than Max Payne or Max Payne 2 (or both, if you play it thoroughly on Hard or Super Cop) and it has some good ideas, but at the end of the day it doesn't look, sound or handle as good. Next time out, it could do with less clichés and a more coherent, mould-breaking exhibition of its lead character's versatility. Hopefully that'll be Dead to Rights 2 in a nutshell.
60 (UK) (Aug 22, 2003)
Still, despite a number of difficult to spot and ultimately underwhelming "improvements", the Cube and PS2 versions of Dead to Rights remain generally engaging, with an uneven sprinkling of genius. Granted, you can pick it apart and find all manner of games you've already played, and for all its variation it's still frustrating and ugly in places, but it still manages to cobble things together into a cohesive whole. The only difference between the Cube and PS2 versions is more jaggedness on the latter machine, so if you like the idea of shooting and punching your way through a cupboard-full of action movie clichés, then give Dead To Rights a go. It's certainly worth a rental, if nothing else.
PlayStation (UK) (Aug 22, 2003)
Upon its Xbox release in February, Dead To Rights seemed like a reasonably competent, albeit dated accumulation of third person action ideas, which half-inched mechanics from GTA, Max Payne, Final Fight, etc, and bound them all in a traditional "wronged cop" storyline. We liked it for about a day and moved on. The rest of the world, it seems, did not.
XboxGame Revolution (Aug, 2002)
Dead to Rights is all over the place. Someone had a good idea and great reference material, but the end product is repetitive and lackluster. There are definitely enough exciting action sequences in here to make the game a worthy rental, but for fifty bucks you're better off picking up a used copy of Max Payne and/or waiting for Splinter Cell later this year.
WindowsPC Zone Benelux (Feb, 2004)
DtR zit vol aardige ideeën, maar is helaas een schoolvoorbeeld van een conversie waarbij de makers geen rekening hebben gehouden met de manier waarop PC gamers shooters spelen. De arme gamer die met zijn zuurverdiende centen deze game heeft aangeschaft zal merken dat het opnieuw spelen van Max Payne 1 en 2 veel leuker is!
XboxBordersdown (2002)
They shamelessly copy other gaming titles to cannibalise parts for their own work, like the way a budding author might hijack his favourite writer's style and mistakenly think it his own. Project Eden can point the finger, as can Metal Gear Solid 2, no doubt there are others but the names and developers are besides the point; what matters here is that if you want to create something truly unique and refreshing you have to forge ahead with your own concepts, it is as though Namco ran out of their own concepts a little early on and decided to half-inch a few from the rest of the industry. It's not clever and, quite frankly, it's more than a little embarrassing.
Dead to Rights turns out to be a major disappointment after the version I tried out at E3. I really wanted to enjoy it, but I couldn't. It earns 2 + gems are awarded for a poor lock-on system, horrible fighting engine, and an average presentation.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Apr, 2004)
Dead to Rights on the PC is nothing more than a budget port of its Xbox forebear—a derivative third-person shooter with a hackneyed gritty-policeman-turned-fugitive plot. The game is still clearly held down by its console roots, utilizing the same auto-aim mechanism, save markers instead of points, and a clumsily grafted key-binding system. Auto-aim is especially annoying because it tends to lock on to distant enemies when there’s someone plugging away right next to you.