Deadly Moves Screenshots

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Title screen
Title screen and main menu (Japanese version)
Two player mode: character select
One player mode: opponent select
What a nice girl... say, do you have time after the battle?
Sea scenery
Japanese temple level
Looks like a victory to me...
Getting bonus points
Chinese stage
Thailand stage
Kenya. Interesting place...
Girl vs. girl battle

SNES version

Title screen (US version)
Title screen (Japanese version)
The story...
And this is the end of the intro cutscene.
Single player opponent selection. Here you can compare how strong you and your future oponnent are, so you can choose the weakest (or anyone else).
Your first battle. Joe resembles Ryu so much that he even throws energy balls against his enemies saying almost the same thing (something like 'douken).
Try again...
Here is another "Ryu-style" move...
Now you've done it...
After defeating an enemy, you earn some "power up" points. The stronger your opponent is in one of the stats, the more points you earn.
A bonus stage.
Take this!
And this!
This guy is a Blanka clone. When he's performing this move, he screams just like Blanka does.
Another bonus stage...
This is the strongest opponent you can freely choose.
Your last opponent!
Whose magic is stronger?