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Nintendojo (Nov 21, 2016)
NES Classic is a wonderful addition to Nintendo’s hardware offerings. It plays to nostalgia while at the same time freshening these games up for a more modern audience. The form factor of NES Classic is perfect, and playing all of these old titles again with a proper NES controller feels wonderful. While it’s lamentable that Nintendo gave the console such short cords for the controllers, it’s a small flaw that doesn’t take away from overall experience. This is a fun piece of fan service that should please both new and old fans, and the wealth of masterpiece games on offer like Super Mario Bros. 3, Mega Man 2, Super C, and more is a great way of highlighting the watershed moments of video game history for all. I’ve complained in the past that the video game industry doesn’t do enough to preserve it’s history, but this is a definite step in the right direction.
90 (Nov 08, 2016)
The NES Classic Edition is a fantastic retro throwback, standing as one of the best of its kind. Its HDMI output ensures that the games actually look good on HDTVs, its build quality is top notch, its look oozes classic style, and its game selection is excellent despite a few odd choices. Yes, it's a $60 box with no connectivity or expansion capabilities, with a single controller with a very short wire. But it's also a miniature NES with 30 of the system's best games, all in a package that will tug the heartstrings of anyone who remembers which white block to kneel on to get the warp whistle in Mario 3. As a game system, it's a novelty next to more expensive modern consoles and specialty devices for extreme retro gaming enthusiasts. As a gift for any fan of classic gaming, it's nearly perfect.
The Telegraph (Nov 22, 2016)
There are issues, not least those daft cables, and I certainly wouldn't recommend paying over the odds. But, for the asking price of £49.99, this is retro gaming done right – if you can find one, of course.
80 (Nov 11, 2016)
La NES Classic Mini semblait simplement vouée à se poser sous le sapin, ou sur les étagères des nostalgiques, d'autant qu'elle présente de regrettables lacunes du côté des accessoires. Mais en plus de son look irrésistible, cette déclinaison miniaturisée émule avec une étonnante efficacité les jeux d'antan. Et au vu de la liste sélectionnée, cette véritable petite machine à voyager dans le temps offre à la fois un merveilleux retour en enfance pour les anciens gamers, et une formidable manière de découvrir ces chefs-d'oeuvres pour les plus jeunes.
IGN (Nov 03, 2016)
The selection of 30 beautifully emulated, mostly classic games makes a strong case to own a NES Classic as a way to easily revisit old favorites and introduce them to new generations. Nintendo made sure to pick the visual filters that made the most sense for its first dedicated classic video game machine. I just can’t understand why somebody thought limiting us to 2.5ft controller cables was a good idea, because it really limits where and how you can enjoy these games.
TheSixthAxis (Nov 14, 2016)
The NES Mini Classic is a nostalgic trip down memory lane, but one that boasts some smart modernisation in its tiny casing. Despite a few design oversights and having to deal with some gamer’s sense of entitlement, it’s a great little success story for Nintendo that I can only hope continues. The idea of a shelf lined with miniaturised versions of the SNES, N64, and even the Gamecube, is just too delightful to pass up, and really it’s exactly the kind of thing we need Nintendo to be doing – creating wonder and joy whenever possible.
Nintendo Life (Nov 11, 2016)
It would have been so easy for Nintendo to make the NES Classic Mini a low-effort, cookie-cutter release and generate a bit of easy additional revenue this holiday season in lieu of a 2016 Switch launch, but thankfully that isn't the case. Aside from the frustratingly short controller cable and locked-down nature of the game library, this is a commendable love-letter to the NES generation. It's solidly-built, lovingly packaged and performs superbly.
GameSpot (Nov 04, 2016)
Seeing the NES make a comeback is exciting, in part because the original console's legacy is still felt today. Since the '80s, Nintendo has become a household name, and while the company has done a decent job of making its best games from the past accessible on modern consoles, there's joy to be found in the discrete NES Classic. It looks the part and allows you to play many of the games that made the system famous--with a controller that feels like the real deal. The short cable is an unfortunate annoyance, so much so that third-party manufacturers are already selling extension cables--but it isn't a deal-breaker. The NES Classic is an affordable solution for playing NES games, and the fact that it outperforms existing Virtual Console efforts from a technical standpoint makes it the most attractive option to boot.
Destructoid (Nov 02, 2016)
30 games is just enough to not feel overwhelming, but keep people busy for a long period of time. I've already replayed several games all the way through, and plan on partaking in some multiplayer sessions with Tecmo Bowl and Super C for years to come. While it won't blow anyone away, newcomers and veterans alike, the NES Classic Edition does absolutely everything it advertises and sets out to do. It'll make a great holiday gift -- if you can find it.