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Den of Geek (US) (Nov 16, 2020)
While it’s easy to look at the Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. as an outsider and think it to be just another easy cash grab, for Nintendo newcomers and veterans alike it’s a celebratory package primed to warm the hearts of even the most cynical fan. All three games play brilliantly and are easily switched between, the battery life is generous, and as a collector’s item it looks appealing both in and out of the box. Sure, you can play almost everything featured here in other ways, but the retro form factor and meticulous attention to detail sees Mario finally given the birthday present he’s due.
Link Cable Gaming (Dec 09, 2020)
As someone who absolutely eats this kind of nostalgia-treat up, I am definitely the target market for Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. (and ya I pre-ordered it right away). And while I love all the little details Nintendo has crammed into it and definitely feel like I have travelled back to 1985 in a strange way, this is very much a novelty device and not a ‘must-have’ for the ‘average Joe’ gamer. But seriously, good on Nintendo for leaning into the idea of a ‘modern Game & Watch’ so heavily – this is a really neat little device.
The Digital Fix (Nov 16, 2020)
A blast from the past in every meaning of the word. The Nintendo Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. edition is a perfectly designed handheld and a timeless gaming experience.
GamerGen (Nov 18, 2020)
Car Nintendo n'a pas voulu ici faire une console hommage aux Game & Watch, mais bien une Game & Watch hommage à Super Mario Bros., sauf que les jeux de la licence ne se prêtent pas forcément à ça. Oui, avoir deux titres de plateforme cultes au creux de sa main dans un bel objet est vraiment plaisant, et le constructeur japonais a soigné les détails et petits clins d’œil (sauf pour la chanson). Mais il faut bien reconnaître que cette Game & Watch Super Mario Bros. est avant tout un gadget, un accessoire de collection qui va évidemment plaire aux nostalgiques des années 80, mais elle trônera davantage sur une étagère plutôt que dans la poche, comme à l'époque.
4Players.de (Nov 23, 2020)
Ich bereue den Kauf dieses schnuckeligen Handhelds nicht, ebenso wenig habe ich vor, das Teil zu verhökern, sollten die Preise in zehn Jahren durch die Decke gehen. Aber werde ich viel damit spielen? Sicher nicht. Aber das war auch nicht der Plan - die Hüpf-Klassiker machen zwar immer noch was her, aber ich besitze sie schon auf mehreren anderen Systemen. Ich finde: Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. ist einfach ein hübsches, kleines Stück Technik, das sich wertig anfühlt und hervorragend in meine Sammlung passt - zwischen dem grauen Ur-Game-Boy, meinen zahlreichen amiibos und der Switch. Der knackscharfe Bildschirm, die nette Uhr-Funktion und die für Sammler ansprechende Verpackung tragen natürlich dazu bei, dass sich das Gerät unser Prädikat „gut“ verdient.
TheSixthAxis (Dec 17, 2020)
You’ll likely know if this is something you, a friend, family member or partner need in their lives, and it’s certainly a glorious little thing to behold, at least at first. In the long run it’s more likely that this is going to be a smart shelf ornament – one that makes you smile every time you glimpse it – rather than a regular gaming companion.
WCCFtech (Nov 19, 2020)
There is absolutely no reason for anyone to buy a Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. This has zero practical use and costs as much as a retail AAA game. Despite that though, it's adorable, it's charming, and I love it more than I would care to admit. This device's worth is based entirely on your nostalgia and love for Mario and Nintendo. If you're a collector of Nintendo memorabilia, you already know you want this, but if you're just a casual fan of Mario and the Nintendo Switch, I see no reason why you would buy this. A nice curio for the Christmas stockings, but by no means an essential item for anyone.
PCMag.com (Nov 30, 2020)
Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. is a two-pronged nostalgia hit that celebrates Nintendo's early gaming handhelds and the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. It has limited use, but it's lots of fun.
Mirror.co.uk (Nov 30, 2020)
Game & Watch is an important part of Nintendo’s past and this loving recreation of one of their first-ever gaming consoles is great to look at, easy to carry and fun to play.
Beautiful and packed with tiny details, but beyond collector bling this Game & Watch comeback feels like a missed opportunity.
The Age of Z (Nov 17, 2020)
Overall, the Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. is definitely a system designed for collectors and nostalgia seekers. I couldn't imagine a kid asking for this for Christmas, but rather adults. It's also currently a hot item as it's extremely limited, and will likely sell out fast during the holidays. So if you even have a passing thought about picking one up, do so if you happen to see one in stores or online before they're gone or stop selling them early next year.
Nintendo Life (Nov 13, 2020)
Will our complaints matter, though? Probably not. The unit has apparently been selling briskly, and we dare say it will be finding its way into many a Christmas stocking come the end of December. On paper, at least, it's the ideal gift for gamers old and young alike thanks to the way it bridges the generations; if you're old and remember the Game & Watch handhelds, then you'll love the nostalgia factor, and if you're young, seeing Mario's early adventures unfold in their 2D glory will certainly be of interest.
Shacknews (Nov 19, 2020)
So far my time with Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. has been extremely pleasant, but as I noted before, I am probably this product’s key target demographic as a lonely single cis-hetero white male on the verge of his 40s who grew up as a Nintendo fan-boy and now has plenty of money to spend on their childless selves.
Metro.co.uk (Nov 16, 2020)
At £44.99 the new Game & Watch is not cheap (although taking inflation into account it is less costly than it would’ve been back in the day) but as a retro novelty you know you’re doing well when even the box makes you grin with nostalgia.
CNET (Nov 13, 2020)
This Game & Watch is a clear collectors' item, something you're likely to just buy and put on a shelf. A double-retro package. And in that sense, Nintendo seems to know exactly who its target audience is.
Polygon (Nov 13, 2020)
Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. is a fitting end to Nintendo’s quirky celebration of Mario’s 35th anniversary.
ScreenRant (Nov 29, 2020)
The Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. is a charming take on a timeless piece of Nintendo's history, and it does a great job celebrating Mario's legacy.
IGN (Nov 13, 2020)
Short on extra features, the Mario Game & Watch is long on charm. It's just such a pure delight in every way: the packaging, the true-to-form aesthetic of the Game & Watch itself, the solid construction, and its amazing little screen. My biggest hope is Nintendo doesn't limit this device's stock, because it's so cute and fun, and it's kind of amazing to play NES games on such a tiny screen and have them look so good.
Nintendo Insider (Jan 28, 2021)
Speaking as someone who still plays the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System regularly, even I assumed that the Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. is little more than a short-lived novelty that I didn’t need but couldn’t live without. Yet, experiencing the system for myself and sharing it with others whisked me back to the days playing with my cousin’s collection of Nintendo LCD devices, and that’s not forgetting the Super Mario Bros. 3 digital wristwatch version I had clamped to my arm as a child. For old fogeys such as myself, the Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. is an interactive trophy to remind us of our gaming childhood. For our kids, it’s yet another fine example of Nintendo nostalgia for the next generation at work.
Retro Gamer (Dec 29, 2020)
It absolutely needs more games to justify the asking price, but it's hard to argue with the quality and effort that has gone into celebrating Mario's 35th birthday.

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