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    Hold on, folks! somebody done ticked off that deer again, and this time its personal!

    Doctor Doolittle said it best, "Hell hath no fury like a deer scorned." How true it is. In Deer Avenger 2, our hero is taken from heartbroken to hell-bent in the blink of an eye when a few moronic hunters turn his hot doe-date into road kill!

    What would YOU do? Curl up on the side of the road and cry like a fawn? Run for the woods and never come out? No way bucko! You'd do what any decent, self-respecting, testosterone-laden buck with high powered tranquilizer weaponry would do -- follow those heartless SOBs back to their homes and show 'em what vengeance is all about!

    In Deer Avenger 2 you get to do just that!

    Head into lovely Armpit Estates and tranquilize everyone in the entire neighborhood -- even the vulgar housewife -- as you track down the suburban soldier of misfortune that ran over your gal!

    Show up at the Swamp Ass Grill and unleash your fury on its boozy, bleary-eyed humanity! Check out the 70's disco freak as you hunt down the good ol' boy who laughed at your anguish when your babe got permanently tattooed with the front fender of his SUV.

    Surprise the hell out of the business district when you pay a visit to the folks at Telannoy Telemarketing, Inc.! Their Boss was in the jeep too, and everyone from the slobbering donut guy to the foul-mouthed cleaning woman will do anything to stop you from finding him.

    Don't worry if you're a bad shot. Thanks to the computer programming geniuses who created this game, you also can FART at your victims and knock them out cold! That's right -- the longer you hold down the FART button, the stronger the odor is! Is this a classy game or what?!

    Other features include:

  • The ability to duck when the freaks shoot back!
  • Salt power-ups so you can regain strength and continue to battle!
  • High Score -- so other people who play the game will know how great you are and how much they suck!

    Contributed by jean-louis (54817) on Apr 02, 2015.