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Deer Avenger 2: Deer in the City Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

From the intro, Bambo cradles the corpse of his would-be lover who was killed in the hunters' headlights.
After a lengthy disclaimer, the game asks you how you would like to proceed.
If you choose the non-offensive route, you get this animation of pink flying elephants.
Main menu
Weapon select -- choose from among 3 tranquilizers.
Choose from among the 3 stages.
Briefing screen for the Armpit Estates mission
Armpit Estates -- fat neighbor
Armpit Estates -- tranquilized the mailman and started taking out automobile windows.
Armpit Estates -- took out mailman and working on the drummer in the garage.
Armpit Estates -- taking on the busybody soccer mom.
Briefing screen for the Business District mission
Business District -- emerging from the elevator.
Business District -- aiming at the admin assistant.
Business District -- taking on the window washer.
Business District -- the large, gossipy office lady
Business District -- the ruthless, high-powered, female exec
Business District -- tranquilize the boss's wimpy son and then spank him over your knee.
Attention to detail: Before you destroy it, one of the monitors has the title screen for the previous game.
Briefing screen for the Swamp Ass Grill mission
Swamp Ass Grill -- making a big entrance.
Swamp Ass Grill -- a disco patron (the place has a disco ball after all.)
Swamp Ass Grill -- the waitress
Swamp Ass Grill -- stereotypical biker patron
The game over screen, where Bambo helpfully advises that you might be more comfortable playing Solitaire.
The quit screen
High scores