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Der Schuh des Manitu (The Shoe of Manitou) is an elongated minigame referring to the movie of the same name. The game features most of the characters as well as funny babble samples and the music of the movie. You can play one of two famous characters of the German TV-show Bullyparade Abahachi or Ranger. The blood brothers have got a problem. Their friends are caught by the Shoshones and bound to the stake. It is the player's goal to untie them as fast as possible while the countdown runs. But the Shoshones, evil Santa Maria's gang, Coyotes and last but not least insidious folding chairs try to stop you.

The gameplay is quite simple. Move left or right to access different stakes or to evade attacks. Tug at the ropes to untie your friends. And shoot to eliminate opponents. Shoshones will draw back the ropes or throw rocks at you while outlaws just shoot you. Coyotes bite through the ropes, so you have to restart to untie that stake. Folding chairs are frontal attackers going straight at you. The enemies are respawning all the time until the stakes are cleared, or time runs out or you are hit. The procedure repeats after clearing a stage, increasing the stakes and the respawn rate during the progress of the game.

The game is presented in 3D graphics but the characters are designed like cardboard figures. There are very few comic style backgrounds.

Contributed by Zerobrain (3093) on Oct 05, 2010. [revised by : Unicorn Lynx (181679) and Victor Vance (10312)].