Descendants Screenshots

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Android version

Character customization at the start of the game
My character arrives at the school. It is up to you if she will be AK or VK.
Choosing between locations where to travel using the directory. Some are still locked for now.
Conversation options while talking to Mal.
Every task for every activity is completed in the same way: simply tap the green circle and you're done.
In-app purchases for the premium medallion currency
Looking for a new outfit.
After earning spirit your Legendary status will improve.
Global level up with some rewards
Choosing a new outfit.
At the Tourney Field, looking for the boys.
You have your own dorm room which you can customize.
An offer for a starter pack
This is the scooter used to get around.
Moving between locations.
In the patio, talking to Carlos.
After completing a task, tap the spoils at the bottom of the screen.
Mal already knows my name.
Talking to Lonnie to create a playlist for tonight's party. You will be quizzed!
For being such a good girl, I receive a free outfit for the party.
The party is in progress
No more energy left to complete tasks, a timer is counting down to provide more apples.