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PlayStation 4Digitally Downloaded (Oct 10, 2017)
I could go on and on about every individual moment which I loved in Detention, but the best way to experience the game is to play it yourself in one three hour sitting, without distractions or prior information. It gives the same experience as a really good movie, one which you really become attached to the characters and are invested in their personalities for the entire time. There are some scary moments to keep things interesting, but I would recommend this one for those who want a more psychological, emotional game which challenges the way they see the world. Red Lantern have proved themselves to be masters of both narrative and game design, and nothing would make me happier than for the whole world to come and appreciate the unique Taiwanese flavour that Detention brings to the indie game scene.
PlayStation 4MAN!AC (Mar 23, 2017)
Audiovisuell und erzählerisch herausragendes Adventure, bei dem der Horror im eigenen Kopf entsteht.
Nintendo SwitchSwitch Player (Mar 09, 2018)
Detention is a perfect example of how the video games medium can be utilised to tell unfamiliar, but important, stories in a novel and impactful way. That by no means takes away from its credibility as a horror game and instead strengthens it.
WindowsDarkstation (Jan 25, 2017)
Detention isn't for everyone. It's not an easy snack to gobble up. It will haunt you for some time and creep into your dreams. I recommend the game for those who enjoy deep and troubled stories and want to experience them in some other manner than just keep walking and pressing X when prompted. I can't stress enough how mature the story and its dramaturgy is, considering these guys have never done any published games or storytelling before. Detention meets all the unwritten laws of Asian tragedies and I could easily picture it as a movie by the likes of Ang Lee, the world renowned Taiwanese director. That's the highest compliment I can imagine giving to this game.
WindowsAdventure Gamers (Mar 13, 2017)
Simply put, Detention is a fantastic melding of narrative, gameplay and graphics. It's got a highly unique setting that is supported by excellent sound design and music. While admittedly the subject matter is very dark and depressing and might not be everyone's cup of tea, it's highly recommended for gamers who love their horror served with heavy atmosphere, dreamlike puzzles, a dash of gore and a thought-provoking story that will stick with you long after the experience is over.
PlayStation 4Playstation Universe (Mar 01, 2018)
The most telling thing to say about Detention is that it carves its own niche into the videogame horror genre. It shows a maturity and storytelling finesse for much of its brief run that eludes many within its medium. Despite a slump in the final act, and a couple of coldly logical puzzles that feel out of place with the story, Detention is a smart and sophisticated survival horror that draws from reality to fuel fear.
Windows3D Juegos (Feb 10, 2017)
Se inspira en Silent Hill entre otros clásicos del terror psicológico pero Detention es mucho más que un simple imitador. Tiene identidad, te habla con su propia voz, y lo que cuenta es un relato escalofriante, siniestro, que en muchos sentidos te mete el miedo en el cuerpo. Sus puzles son ingeniosos, algunos incluso originales; también el sigilo está bien resuelto, lo de escapar de la muerte enfrentándote cara a cara a ella es genial, pero lo mejor es la historia, su tétrica ambientación y el drama particular al que te enfrenta. Si te gusta el terror oriental no te lo pienses más, este es tu videojuego.
PlayStation 4New Game Network (Nov 25, 2017)
Detention is a haunting and thrilling experience that’s worth checking out, and is one of the scariest titles I’ve played in years. Those who dig horror and adventure games are in for a real treat.
PlayStation 4PlayStation Lifestyle (Oct 27, 2017)
Detention has something to say. It has something to say about the sweeping themes of militant government regimes. It has something to say about each one of our personal hells and the journey towards even the smallest bit of redemption. It has something to say but it never shouts. It slides its message in silently like a blade into your gut. Even with some of the miscues in storytelling, Detention never lets up on making sure that players feel uneasy and uncomfortable, pressing you until that final twist of the knife. It’s not a difficult game. It’s not a long game. But it’s a game that will stick with you well after the credits have rolled.
PlayStation 4PlayStation Country (Mar 13, 2018)
Detention weaves a fantastic story and wraps it in intriguing aesthetics. The historical setting provide a unique and interesting backdrop and the mix of Asian influences bolster a compelling experience. Whilst there's very little dread, the narrative and the pace at which it's delivered give you plenty of reasons to stay absorbed. This is a well-crafted package that remains memorable, despite a short runtime.
80 (Jan 25, 2017)
An intelligent, thought-provoking, and extremely creepy adventure, that proves that survival horror can be more than just shooting zombies.
80 (Jan 30, 2017)
Despite a disappointing final act, this chilling horror story set in 1960s Taiwan burrows its way into your skull and, brilliantly, makes you anticipate the worst around every corner.
Nintendo (Mar 02, 2018)
Trotz der technisch holprigen Umsetzung ist dem taiwanesischen Entwickler-Neuling Red Candle Games ein schönes Grusel-Adventure mit angenehm eigenständiger Stimmung gelungen. Sicher, zu Beginn fallen in Detention vor allem Mankos wie hölzerne Animationen, ständige Ladepausen oder das unnötige Ruckeln ins Auge. Doch als ich mich an die sperrige Umsetzung gewöhnt hatte, zogen mich die gelungene Erzählweise und die schön mit der Geschichte verknüpften Rätsel an mystischen Opferstellen immer stärker in ihren Bann. Zunächst sind es nur zwei Schüler, die rechtzeitig aus der evakuierten Schule fliehen wollen. Doch sobald die Visionen immer wilder werden und keuchende Geister durch die Gänge schlurfen, bemerkt man schnell, dass im Hintergrund noch größere persönliche und gesellschaftliche Katastrophen lauern. Ein kurzer, aber angenehm exotischer Adventure-Geheimtipp!
Nintendo SwitchWay Too Many Games (Mar 10, 2018)
Despite the severely short length and somewhat subpar artistic presentation, I have to say I was still pleasantly surprised with Detention. After playing so many first-person horror games that failed so miserably in trying to scare me, a little 2D adventure game managed to make me feel more uncomfortable than all of those games combined. The game isn’t only highly recommended for horror fans, but also for adventure game fans in general. It’s creepy and I like it.